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Welcome to part 3 of our toilet training series, where everyday mums share their experiences.
Great big thanks for sharing so generously go to Shae (Mum to 3 girls), Tanya (Mum to a pigeon pair), Amanda (Mum to 2 girls), Kate (Mum to 4 – two of each), Cath (Mum to 1+1) and Sarah (Mum to 2 boys and 1 girl). Christie Burnett is an early childhood teacher, presenter, writer and the editor of Childhood 101. 15 Preschool Counting Songs, Fingerplays & RhymesFingerplays and nursery rhymes are a staple of the preschool and kindergarten classroom, and have been for generations.
Oh, and a a few old cloth nappies in easy to reach places in case anyone needs to clean up a puddle or two. I encouraged them to use the big toilet straight away but that was a personal thing where I HATE potties!

I am only in the early days of toilet training with my son but already I can already see differences (other than the obvious)!  He thinks differently to his sister, reacts differently to situations, and responds to different forms of praise.
The girls have had long standing issues with immature sphincter muscles and this contributed to them not being physically able to control their bladder until they were a lot older (just after they turned 4). More importantly, she is a Mum who believes wholeheartedly in the value of children learning through play, the importance of quality early education, and the togetherness of family. If you are new here, you might like to subscribe to the RSS feed or receive updates direct to your email. What I did was wait until summer, took their nappies off and let them walk around bare (at home that is!) and I put two of those little portable toilets for kids by the door in the family room so they could reach it quickly whenever they could.
It helped knowing I had a change of pants, underwear, wipes, towel and plastic bag in my handbag for any accidents!

My girl was terrific, she sat on her “toilet” all day because she thought she was just so grown-up, lol!
My boy was the exact opposite, he just wee’d wherever he stood for the first day or so until he got the hang of what it was all about.
I just had to prepare myself for cleaning up lots of accidents and emptying their little toilets constantly, but it was worth it.

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