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Follow my blog as I share my life and my experiences as a person who loves someone with autism.
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Simply print the pictures, cut them out, and have your child practise putting the steps in order.
When using a visual sequence, post it at your child’s eye level, point to the picture, and read the step out loud before completing the action.
Glue one copy to a piece of construction paper in the correct order and have your child use the other set to match the cards.

We even went to a seminar hosted by ACT BC (Autism Community Training) called Toilet Training for Everyone: It’s Never Too Late! In the days event we learned a ton of techniques and tricks to apply in our daily life to help us achieve our goal.
Their are six phases of toilet training, and I’m going to talk about the urination phases, but I highly recommend anybody to invest the time and money and watch the webcast. From that we could determine roughly how often he had to use the washroom and manually take him their every X amount of time.
With the support of Bryce’s daycare and school we determined he had to be taken to the washroom every hour and a half. Their was the occausional time where Bryce would be wet in-between times, and we were taught from the seminar to not talk, scold, explain, lecture, to not spend a long time on cleaning him up and to just make a notice of him being wet because he had an accident.
Eventually we decided that Bryce had mastered trip training and moved onto self-initiation where he could pee in the toilet without somebody taking him. That night we went and bought his first pair of underwear as a reward and ever since that day he never wore a diaper again.
But how do you keep to that schedule - and minimize conflict between yourself and a stubborn child?

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