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A positive body image is hard to sustain, especially in this digital era where Photoshop is the norm. Immediately following sleep or feeding, take your puppy outside and give the same command - "be quick" is a good, polite choice.
Avoid punishments for toilet training accidents that you do not witness, dogs can not generalise the exact reason of the punishment. How can we love our bodies if even the most beautiful people like supermodels are altered to look better and slimmer?

Even with a severe overbite and lower jawline dysfunction, Tuna has shown the world that inner beauty is what’s important. He was adopted by his human Courtney Dasher at four months old and has been loved unconditionally ever since. Inspired by our fur children, Pepi and Jazzy (meow) and Udie (woof), it details the frustrations and the joys of pet ownership and everything in between.
Our effective training uses your dog's instincts and intelligence to produce reliable results.

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