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Toilet paper also constitutes a significant load on the city sewer systems, and water treatment plants. Quote:Originally Posted by Lola:hmmmm how much extra water would it take if everyone used a bidet, though?
Seems to me like a bidet would use less water than that.  It's true that non-bleached paper would reduce the amount of chlorine, but most people don't use non-bleached paper.
Thanks.  I ordered one a while back - darn company lost my order in their spam folder, but I'm finally supposed to be getting it on Monday, at which point I'll review it here (assuming they add a bidet section to Huddler - hint, hint).
Just as an update, I measured that my bidet uses about one-quarter the water it takes to make the equivalent amount of toilet paper.  Works pretty well, too.
In Turkey just about all (if not all) toilets come with what is referred to as "the Turkish pipe". The centuries-old flush toilet design is getting an overhaul, with an eye toward water and energy conservation. Saturday is World Toilet Day, an annual awareness-raising campaign sponsored by the World Toilet Organization and aimed at improving santitation access for the 2.6 billion people around the world who lack it. A number of NGOs are working to develop low-cost, low-power systems to address the public health dangers and environmental degradation that comes from poor sanitation in the developing world. But there's also a fair amount of innovation underway to improve the design and efficiency of the conventional flush toilets.
But Caroma, an Australian manufacturer of commercial and residential bathroom products, has one-upped the dual flush toilet with its Profile Smart 305.

But the use of the integrated sink only serves to boost the efficiency by eliminating the need to pump fresh water into the bowl. And think about that for a minute: fresh, clean water, straight from a wastewater treatment facility, is pumped into the billions of flush toilets in around the world. And that's just what the Spanish company Roca did with its W+W (for wash basin and water closet) design.
In any case, the centuries-old flush toilet design is getting an overhaul, with an eye toward water and energy conservation.
Simply an additional water connection in the backside of the toilet rim - just under the lid - with a directional nozzle and valve. If you want it could be connected to hot & cold though that would waste a bit more water. There's no reason for that and it not only wastes the water, it wastes the considerable energy that went into cleaning and delivering that water to the building in the first place.
As with the Caroma, the water that goes down the sink's drain is collected, filtered, and then used to flush the toilet. The handle always opens the faucet into a cold water position, so that the user can't inadvertently create demand for hot water unless he or she really wants to.
But fortunately there are ways to recycle grey water for your sanitary needs through retrofits. The holding tank eats up storage space under the sink, and the system needs to power to operate, so you'll need a spare outlet.

To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. This also involves 473,587,500,000 gallons of water to produce the paper and 253,000 tons of chlorine for bleaching purposes.
In septic systems, the elimination of toilet paper would mean the septic tank would need to be emptied much less often.
To reduce that obvious waste of a precious resource, a number of manufacturers are offering dual-flush toilets. But with the sink facing out from the toilet seat, it has a more separated look and, I would imagine, feel. Kentucky-based WaterSaver Technologies sells a solution call AQUS which collects water from your bathroom sink and pipes it into the water reservoir in your toilet. One lever is pushed for a "number one" and the other lever -- which sends markedly more water into the bowl -- is used to flush poop. The company says the sink doesn't need to be located right next to the toilet for the system to work, because it can pipe the water across the room and into the toilet. Also, there is the energy and materials involved in packaging and transporting the toilet paper to households across the country.

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