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Please consider sharing this article with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ page. The other day my friend was telling me how his girlfriend got mad at him because he got her a novelty toilet brush for her birthday!
I have been in many a fruit themed and indeed fruit smelling toilet, so why not have a fruit themed toilet brush in there as well! I have heard many a horror story of crazy men and women using their partners tooth bush to clean the toilet and then not tell them. Looking like a simple bird on a telephone pole is that rather creative toilet brush that is sure to get bird lovers and nature enthusiasts reaching for their wallets. If you are decorating for Halloween or have a sightly eccentric house hold this might be the one for you.
This may come as a surprise to you but potty training or toilet training for your toddler need not be a daunting task at all. Accept that toilet training a toddler may take a long time and there may be many setbacks along the way.
Encourage your toddler to sit on the potty chair and each time going through the exact steps like removing the underpants, sitting down, releasing bladder or bowel movements, wiping up, flushing and finally washing of hands. It’s true enough you are photographing the interiors of your space but the outside of your windows will be seen in the photos. Symmetry, repetition, and rhythm can be found throughout nature and humans find them to be aesthetically pleasing. So often when I am first training a designer, they worry about every angle that a room will be seen from. It always makes me so sad when clients pay me lots of money to make their house beautiful then they run through with an iPhone and snap 16 horrible pictures of our beautiful space.
The fact that this is even on the list is nuts … yet, I still see a picture of the bathroom with the toilet seat up at least once a month. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Justin Riordan, LEED AP, is founder of Spade and Archer Design Agency based in Portland, Ore. Unless you want your house to look an old warehouse in puke yellow, do not use CFL lightbulbs anywhere in your home for photos.
We are in property management and I do wish we got more opportunity to stage the units as it looks fun.

Even though you are not resident of a place, you should be able to recognize the toilet room and that’s where the toilet sign boards comes into picture.
Many hotels and restaurants uses different toilets signs and this is why we have come up with the ideas to show up some pictures of best toilet sign boards for creativity ideas for you.
While trying to be diplomatic, I also wanted to explain the art of romance and indeed gift giving. Simple design really, but it looks great and would not look out of place in most bath rooms. In this article, I shall be sharing with you 10 Toilet Training Tips to get your toddler potty trained in no time. Anything earlier is likely a waste of time as children below that age has no or little control over the bladder and bowel movements. If only life were that simple and any skill you ever wanted to learn could be perfected with just 10 easy to learn, neatly packaged tips. So often we see houses photographed with harsh vacuum lines or matted carpet that looks old and tired.
If there are piles of trash covered with blue tarps right outside your window, they are going to come through in the photos. I find them paralyzed by viable arguments, both good and bad, derived from seeing a space from two vantage points. I always wonder why they choose to spend thousands of dollars on staging and then value engineer (that is a euphemism for cheeping out) a photographer to save a couple hundred dollars. As the creative energy behind Spade and Archer, Riordan fuses his formal training as an architect with his natural design savvy to create beautiful and authentic spaces for clients. I found it to be very effective to have the photos and write the add based on what the photos show. The camera, however, hates wrinkles and makes them look 100 times worse than they really are.
The time of day and weather conditions can make a huge difference on how well your space photographs. Clean up the areas outside the window and make it visually quiet so it does not draw attention to itself.
I wish I could teach them all to you but then again, I would be teaching myself out of a job.

Prior to opening Spade and Archer in 2009, Riordan practiced interior architecture and interior construction for 12 years, bringing an esteemed skillset and diverse background to home staging. However, if you find yourself without a professional and needing to prepare your house for photographs either for a vacation rental, to sell it, or to just show off your new digs to friends and family, here are Spade and Archer’s top 10 tips on how to best get’r done. If the afternoon sun is blazing into your room throwing harsh shadows all over, the shot is destined to look “blown out” with areas as dark as night and as bright as a nuclear holocaust. Running the broom over the top of the carpet in random directions will bring new life to a sagging floor textile.
Since founding Spade and Archer, he has personally prepared more than 2,100 homes for market. When we stage a house for market, we are constantly taking photographs of it and looking at it through the camera lens.
The hot steam will take those wrinkles right out and makes the sheets, pillows, shower curtains, etc. To help combat this problem, look for the best time for indirect sunlight outside and inside your space. A quick and easy way to make a space more aesthetically pleasing is to use these simple principles of good design.
Figure out where the camera will most likely be and make every decision for the room based on that. There is a point when the decoration is no longer about the house but more so about the decoration.
It is also a great idea to turn on your interior lights and lamps, this will help to even out the lighting in the space. If you have more than one color story per room, the photographs will start to look chaotic and visually noisy.

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