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Radio control toys have been at the top of kids' wish lists for decades, but adults like to get in on the fun too. Although they are usually lumped into one category, radio control toys and infrared control toys are two different things.
Whether a toy operates over radio frequencies or with infrared technology, the types of controls it has play a direct role in how easy it is to use. Scale doesn't really come into play with radio control toys for young kids, but it pays to choose one that can be handled with ease by small hands.
It's important to understand the difference between toy-grade radio control toys and hobby-grade radio control toys.
Most radio-controlled cars are designed to be used on sidewalks and other hard, sturdy surfaces. When it comes to RC toys for young kids, construction vehicles are enduringly popular options. Many children are fascinated by military toys, so radio-controlled military vehicles are popular options. The trick to finding a great radio control toy is considering as many different features and options as possible.
For a toddler climber, the Step 2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber is a little expensive, retailing for almost $300 at the time of writing. The one thing we like about this Woodland Climber is the option to put in a sandbox underneath the deck. The drawback of this climber is that for the price, more variety of play could have been included. From the Woodland Climber, you can opt for the Step 2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse for something simpler and cheaper. On the upside, this has a much smaller footprint that you could easily fit this in your backyard. The price is much more affordable for the Lookout Treehouse compared to the Woodland Climber but buy it when your kid is a year old to get the most out of it. The Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym is certainly a very interesting climber for toddlers. We like the spinning tires which reveal numbers, letters, colors and shapes through a hole as you spin. Underneath the platform is a crawl through tunnel. Your kid can have some fun hiding there as well. If money is not an issue, we would suggest that you get the Step 2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber.
There are many options for all ages, so it pays to do plenty of research before buying a radio control toy. This is especially important for people who would like to buy radio control toys for children. Radio control toys operate off of radio frequencies while infrared control toys use infrared technology. Radio control toys for older people are often designed to closely mirror real-life vehicles, and they are sold in many different scales.
The former refers to toys that are strictly designed for fun, and they are suitable for children.

Some are intended to be used by young kids, so they don't have lots of small, easy-to-break components.
Lights and sounds may play automatically, or they may be controlled by buttons on the remote. If it's intended for a child who has a big backyard, buy an RC toy that works in the dirt and the grass. Nothing is more frustrating to a child than being given a great toy and being unable to master it. There are plenty of off-road options as well, and monster trucks tend to be the most popular. In addition to driving around, many of these radio-controlled vehicles perform actions like scooping, digging, and dumping. There are two-wheel models as well, though, but they are best suited for older kids and adults.
RC tanks and RC jeeps tend to be the most popular, and they are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. This is the phase where your kid would be learning to crawl through tunnels, walk unaided, climb up steps and slide down slopes. But it is larger than the cheaper models and hence, is better able to accommodate an older child. So, when your kid is older, you can buy a sandbox and leave it there for more play options.
It is perfect for toddlers but for those aged 2 or older, you would want to save your money and get a bigger kids’ slide.
Because it is shaped like a bus, it also helps to kickstart a kid’s imagination for pretend play. It certainly seems that the manufacturer has cleverly inserted an educational aspect into this climbing toy while making it fun. Without having experience with these toys, which are sometimes more complex than people assume, knowing what to buy can be tricky. Both options are wireless, but infrared control toys have limited ranges when compared to radio control toys.
Toys that are designed for small kids, on the other hand, usually have two or three controls.
The latter refers to toys that are designed for hobbyists, which tend to be more complicated and a lot more expensive. RC toys for young kids usually have sturdy antennas that are coated in tough plastic or rubber. Older kids tend to be more concerned about realism, so it pays to choose a radio control toy that is as realistic as possible under such circumstances. If it's meant for someone who primarily plans to use it indoors, this won't be as much of an issue. Some RC cars are modeled after regular passenger vehicles, but there are RC racecars as well. The majority of RC construction vehicles have wires leading to their remotes, so they have limited ranges of motion. RC motorcycles tend to be tricky to control, and they don't usually work in off-road conditions.

There are RC military vehicles that are designed for younger kids, and there are remarkably realistic versions that are suitable for teens and adults. Therefore, your kid will get a few more years of enjoyment out of this rather than just a short year or two. Apart from the steps, there are also 2 rock walls for older kids to climb to reach the deck which is about 27 inches from the ground. It fits well outside with its natural colors and wall detailing and it is solid and durable enough to withstand exposure to the elements. But overall, it is a good quality outdoor climber for toddlers that will not be so quickly outgrown.
In fact, many parents keep this indoors so that their kids can have fun all the time playing with it.  There is also a periscope on the platform that pivots 180 degrees.
The steering wheel also spins to give a sense of driving while the dashboard also includes clickers and buttons. Of course, if you are thinking of getting other outdoor toys further down the road, then it may make sense to get something simpler now and then replace it when your kid is slightly older. These heavy-duty features aren't as critical for RC toys that are designed for hobbyists, but quality is still crucial. For best results, these vehicles must be ruggedly designed and strong enough to withstand a lot of abuse.
Older kids and adults who enjoy playing with radio-controlled toys are sure to appreciate the extra skill and dedication that are needed when operating these vehicles.
Make sure there is a good place to use an RC boat before buying one, or spend extra money on a sturdier, more durable model.
So, try to get a climber that would allow them to develop different skills and yet, offers lots of fun. You can also set it up indoors as the size is not overwhelmingly large at about 4 feet wide and less than 7 feet deep.
With 3 types of play – climb and slide, spinning tires and steering wheel, it is indeed a fun indoor climber for a toddler. But if you are looking for a climber with more safety rails, this should be the best fit for your needs.
In that case, make sure that each toy operates on a different frequency, or there will be problems.
In the case of RC toys with rechargeable battery packs, how long does it take to fully charge them and how long do they last off of a single charge? RC cars for older kids and adults often have very intricate details and look remarkably realistic.
Buyers have complained that the kids could easily hit the roof after a few months as they grow taller.

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