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Soft climbing toys for toddlers can be great resources for helping your little one develop physically, but most of all these toys can be so much fun. If you worry about your toddler climbing around on hard plastic and you don’t quite think he is ready for the hard climbing toys, then you should definitely check out the different soft climbing toys and play structures that toddlers would love to play with.
These fun play forms are constructed from foam that is covered in a strong and durable vinyl.
They come in vibrant primary colors to help with color recognition as well as improve motor skills. Not only can your toddler climb around on these but they can be used for stacking and building as well. These are super fun over-sized, soft blocks that toddlers will love climbing on and climbing through. The blocks are sturdy and durable but are made from a soft foam that you don’t have to be stressed out about that your toddler will get hurt on. A soft climbing toy like this one gives your child a chance to climb and explore her new skills without the huge risk of getting hurt or falling from a high structure.┬áThese toys can help your toddler develop physically and have tons of fun with their imagination as well. The blocks come in different colors to help with recognizing the different colors and they also come in different sizes to help with teaching small and large recognition.

Your little kid will love using her imagination to build new structures as well as climb and play and develop new skills as she grows older. Each part includes an easy to use handle so kids can drag the pieces around as well as parents. The pieces are made of a quality polyurethane foam and then covered in a smooth vinyl, which makes for easy clean ups.
This set is not only great for climbing but kids can use it for all sorts of imaginative play from racetracks and airports with their cars to a castle for their princess dolls. As you can see soft climbing toys for toddlers are more than just simple things to climb on, but they also provide other skills like shape and number recognition. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. These forms can be placed together to form a larger structure that lends for things like climbing, tumbling and sliding. The blocks can easily be wiped clean with a damp towel so you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined with spills or other liquids.
These really are great play forms for younger children (even little ones younger than toddlers can enjoy them) so that they can play, have fun and develop new skills at the same time.

They are just the right size that they can be stacked into towers as well as placed together on the ground for a great climbing and even jumping area. In fact, even after she is a toddler she will most likely still love playing with these over-sized blocks. There are a total of 4 pieces included in this set, which includes the large block, two wedges and then the toddler steps.
But most of all they can get your child more active and developing new motor skills while having tons of fun. These forms are very lightweight that even your toddler can pick them up to move them to different positions. These blocks can be set up in a variety of different ways allowing your little one to climb over the tunnel as well as through it.
The pieces can be arranged in any order that you please and you will find that your toddler will have all kinds of ideas on how to play with this gym set.

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