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If you have a toddler that loves airplanes, check out the best airplane toys for toddlers below that are age appropriate and have been given kid approval.
The door on the airplane opens as well and it has a top handle that folds down easily so kids can carry the plane without dropping it. Toddlers will love the lights, sounds, and songs as well as flying the airplane all around as they take their passengers on a flight to wherever they want.
But the airplane also comes with a remote control which makes it extra fun for little ones because they will feel like a big kid with their remote control airplane.
It’s the perfect size for a younger child and you can just imagine your toddler flying the plane all across the house from one place to another. If you are looking for something a little different than a regular plastic airplane for your toddler, then check out these plush airplanes with sound effects.
They come in different designs such as Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and even Air Force One. These toys can be used as cuddle buddies as well as a good toy for flying around the house and you don’t have to worry about them breaking when dropped from above.
This airplane is for older toddlers ages 3 and up and is a very popular toy that has rave reviews. This airplane comes with a power screwdriver that has 3 different bits that allows you to take apart and put back together the airplane.  There are 21 parts to the plane that can be taken apart. The thing that makes this toy so great is that it not only is a nice airplane for using as a toy but it also helps with fine motor skills as well as showing kids how things work and building things to put back together.

It may be a little old for some toddlers, but it is a toy that will grow with them and soon they will have no problem taking the plane apart and putting it together all by themselves.
Do you have any more recommendations for the best airplane toys for toddlers that weren’t listed above? Is that little boy having the time of his life ‘flying’ his new airplane or what?
The size of the airplane is best suited for a 1 or 2 year old boy or girl and it is very durable, since it’s made from steel! If your toddler is crazy about airplanes already, this is the perfect Christmas gift idea for him or her! This cute retro ride-on rocket is the perfect size for toddlers as young as 10 months old up to 2 or 3 years old! At first they will probably push it with their hands until they understand that they can also ‘ride it’!
Your little is going to love to press all the cool buttons and discover that each one makes a different sound and turns on some cool flashing lights!
Of all toy airplanes for toddlers around this Mickey plane is the cutest and most colorful! There is just something about flying a toy airplane through the air and flying it all around that excites little kids. You are probably familiar with the Little People toys and how great they are for little kids.

It includes the airplane as well as 3 little people figures including the pilot and two passengers.  When placed in the seats, the little people will actually go up and down when the airplane is rolled across the floor.
The plane does have an auto shut off feature so you don’t have to worry about running down the batteries either. And parents don’t have to worry about what materials the toy is made from or what kind of chemicals may be in the toy. They are super soft and look just like the real airplanes they are modeled after but when you squeeze them they make airplane noises just like they are taking off and flying. The nuts and bolts are chunky enough that a 3 year old should have no problem doing this once shown how to do it. This can keep a child busy for a very long time and is something they can keep coming back to that entertains them for several years. They are the perfect size for small hands but not too small so they don’t pose choking hazards.
There is a bar underneath the airplane that works great as a handle so kids can easily fly and roll the plane.

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