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One of my favourite places to visit whenever I am in Kuala Lumpur is the wet markets around the city. These wet markets are also an eating place which sell Malaysian hawker food that has been part of Malaysian food culture for generations that date back to the colonials days of Malaya under British rule.
One of my favourite wet markets in Kuala Lumpur is the Imbi market on Jalan Kampung which is a stone’s throw from the shopping precinct of Bukit Bintang. Overheads are low when shop owners do not need to rent retail space in large shopping centres. A makeshift kitchen can be the back of a scooter where succulent marinated meat is grilled and fresh bread toasted at the same time to make a delightful burger.
Utility vans unfold to become mobile vending shops selling drinks such as fresh sugar cane juice, soya bean milk and ice jelly drinks.
Popular Malaysian cakes and nyonya kuih are all readily available and there is rarely a session where these items are not sold out. The business hours for food stalls usually start as early as 6am each morning (except Mondays where most wet markets around Kuala Lumpur are closed) and will remain open until all the food items are sold towards noon.
The livelihood of the shop owners at Imbi market has been dependent upon the patronage of locals who live in and around the city areas. Dried oysters and squid are relatively expensive and its concentrated flavours will bring complexity to soups and stir-fries.
The markets are also a favourite breakfast haunt for locals because of the array of food available. Whole families, tourists and golfers from neighbouring Royal Selangor Golf Club can often be seen tucking into their food after an early morning round of golf. Yu tiao or deep-fried flour sticks are best dipped into local black coffee or accompanied with congee.
A wide selection of local desserts, sweets and savoury treats is hard to resist as you walk through a meandering maze of food, clothing and fresh fruit stalls.
I approach the famous Sisters Crispy Popiah stall and one of the sisters was busy making the delectable vegetable rolls that is filled with beansprouts, roasted peanuts, cucumber, crispy dried shrimps and jicama (also known as yam bean or turnip) then laced with hoisin and chilli sauce. She was a little shy and gave me a sheepish smile until a waiting customer blurted that her popiah would soon be featured on the internet.

By about 11am, the busiest of trading times are almost over and each stall begin to wind down and call it a day. By far the wettest part of the Imbi wet market is where the fresh seafood and chicken stalls are.
The area where chickens are slaughtered and prepared for sale are probably the wettest because large amounts of water is required to process the live birds. Live birds are stacked in cages awaiting the cull where slaughter hands slit the throat of each bird with clinical precision, left to bleed and then tossed into a large defeathering drum.
The entire process of preparing the live birds for sale might take all of fifteen minutes where fresh chicken meat is then paraded for sale on open table tops.
Fresh chicken eggs are not classified in terms of weight, caged, free range, its origin, providore and all other information that we look for in our delis and supermarkets. Eschallot is used for a variety of cuisines in Malaysia, especially from making curry pastes, sambal, chutney, garnishes and fresh salads. Tropical fruits such as rambutan and jack fruit is relatively cheap and plentiful and definitely a favourite with locals. Toys for toddlers and children are plentiful and local also come to the markets to shop during festivals such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas. We started as a home-based business in 1999 and opened our retail shop in George Town, Penang island, Malaysia in 2005.
Shape and Colour Puzzle SIZE:30*1*22CM The Shape and Colour Puzzle seven simple shapes that the toddlers can learn.
For internation shipping, buyer shall be responsible for all duties, taxes, and any other expenses.
All free shipping items are only applicable for delivery address in Peninsular Malaysia only. You may also collect the items from our main office which located at Endah Parade, Sri Petaling.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Established in the year 1998, Lafonis had gained its name and reputation as the leading supplier and importer of quality educational products for the kindergarten industry and the Market Leader in the world of indoor & outdoor playground equipments, throughout Malaysia.

Although these wet  markets are slowly disappearing in the face of global supermarket chains which now dominate fresh food retail in Malaysia, they are still one of the cheapest means of getting fresh meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables from rural cottage industries, farms, abattoirs and orchards to consumers. Everyday items such as clothing, kitchenware and utensils, toys and shoes are paraded and sold on the back of vans and makeshift stalls that fold shut at the end of each business session.
Housewifes and foodies all have their favourite stalls and their own opinions as to which seafood stall sells the freshest prawns or which nasi lemak is the best in town. Malaysians love, among so many local favourites, nasi lemak, laksa, kon-low wanton noodles, kaya toast and chee cheong fun for brekky.
Fresh seafood is paraded on open table tops with big ice blocks as make-shift refrigeration.
We are an educational toy retail outlet offering parents and parents-to-be a wide range of quality educational and creative toys and products for babies and children.Some of our products are also distributed to various shops in the Northern states of Malaysia. All of our products are sold in the same packing that it was obtained directly from our manufacturers or distributors.
Lafonis's vision is to create a fun learning, child friendly, safe play environment that comprises quality and latest designed products that strictly adhere to the International Safety Standards, for our most important target of customer - Children. Within a minute, she has spooned all the ingredients into at least 10 wafer-thin skins, rolled them up and chopped each into five equal segments for a throng of waiting customers.
I knew the houses were all taken down to give way to the development of this wet market ,bus stations and other infrastructures. We organize holiday classes and programmes for children at Creative Connections, on the upper floor of our shop. For hygiene reasons, all items will not be exchanged or returned except for items that was shipped incorrectly or damaged during the delivery process. So much of info was shared here by ChopinandMysaucepan and it makes me eager to have a tour of this market.

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