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Still, that doesn’t stop Autumn from coaxing her parents into letting her have the shoes.
Footwear aside, Autumn is proving that there’s more to her than her burgeoning fashion sense. Geez, people it seems like you can’t say anything these days without someone waiting to skewer you! Just finished watching your concert on HDNet, and you and your Train put on a very big show! Have any of you nitpicky Europeans ever considered that maybe identifying with the nationalities of our ancestors is just part of North American culture? Connecting with my thoughts on life--and my extended global community through photos, art, objects, events, places, people and stories. I'm sure the little guy in the photo below had no idea who he was dressed as, but all the adults knew and had a little chuckle. USE AS A CENTERPIECE AT THE BABY SHOWER, THEN MOM CAN TAKE IT HOME AND USE IT TO DECORATE THE NURSERY!
Video: Andra and Tatiana Bucci were only 4 and 6 years old when they were taken to Auschwitz, the most infamous Nazi concentration camp. Holocaust survivor tailors an American success story:?Martin Greenfield immigrated to the United States after World War II and started a tailoring business that eventually took him as far as the White House.
He was one of the youngest Holocaust survivors to be saved by Oskar Schindler, and he waited almost 70 years to tell his story. Mr Leyson was born Leib Lejzon in 1929 and was just 10 years old when the Germans invaded Poland and his family were forced to move from Krakow to a Jewish ghetto in Podgorze, a suburb of the city. They suffered regular harassment and had little food before the persecution intensified and the Jews were rounded up and sent to concentration camps.
The family was sent to the Plaszow camp in 1940, and Mr Leyson only managed to rejoin his family after sneaking past a guard at huge personal risk.
He described the living conditions – being too tired and hungry to care about the lice crawling through his hair and clothes, of harassment from the guards and having the same meal every day: hot water with a little salt or pepper and perhaps a bit of potato skin. Mr Leyson wrote of a man who was “tall and hefty with a booming voice” and after initially fearing him, looking forward to his visits. In a final act of salvation, in April 1945 with the Germans fleeing, they were ordered to murder all the Jewish workers in the Brinlitz camp.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s award-winning film Schindler’s List and it was the film that prompted Mr Leyson to open up about his experiences for the first time after he was tracked down by a reporter. In the book he even referenced one scene from the film where Schindler, played by Liam Neeson, pulls his accountant Itzhak Stern from a train bound for an extermination camp called Belzec. What the film did not show was Schindler, in real life, spotting Mr Leyson’s brother – who  refused to get off because his girlfriend Miriam was on the train.
BERLIN — The rise of Berthold Beitz to the head of ThyssenKrupp, the steel conglomerate, is the stuff of modern German legend.

His death, on the island of Sylt, off Germany’s northern coast, was announced by ThyssenKrupp.
After the war, Poland awarded him its highest civilian honor, and the Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial in Israel, honored him as a Righteous Among the Nations, its highest recognition for non-Jews who saved Jews from the Holocaust. In recent years, ThyssenKrupp has suffered from Germany’s slow economic growth as the country’s center of economic power has shifted away from the Ruhr Valley. This entry was posted in See the Evidence and tagged Auschwitz survivors, Concentration Camps, Holocaust survivors, Treblinka survivors. Purple is the official color for the March for Babies, a walk sponsored by the March of Dimes.
I think Pat is very comfortable in his own skin and if he wants to proclaim his Irish ancestry from the rooftops then that is his prerogative!
Second all you people that have a pet peeve with him for saying he’s Irish who cares get over it!!!! This e-book also includes free bonus instructions on how to make the cute little COTTON BALL BABIES!
Almost seven decades later, they return to the site time and time again to teach Italian students about unspeakable loss, and the power of remembrance. The book includes stories of his hiding from the Nazis; on one occasion he sat on a roof beam in a shed for two days as gunshots and screams grew louder. He described stepping through the gates like “arriving at the innermost circle of hell” adding the moment he arrived “I was convinced I would never leave alive”. Among the frequent brushes with fate, Mr Leyson once had his leg bandaged at the infirmary, finding out later that Goeth had all the patients arbitrarily shot moments after he had left.
Those receiving the punishment had to call out the number of each of the 25 lashes – with whips that had ball bearings on the end – and if they got the count wrong, the guard would start again. It was on the night shift that he got to know Schindler personally – writing that despite being a Nazi “he acted like he cared about us personally”. When the factory was moved to Czechoslovakia Schindler saved the family’s lives again, pulling them out of the line, heading for the death camps.
Schindler managed to thwart the plan and have the SS officer in charged transferred out of the area. Sweaty palmed at the thought of seeing him again, and wondering whether he would recognise a 35-year-old married army veteran, Schindler immediately picked him out of the welcoming committee at Los Angeles Airport saying: “I know who you are. He played a critical role in the rebuilding of postwar Germany into an industrial powerhouse. Beitz joined the company after the war and over the next six decades transformed it into a publicly traded international conglomerate. Beitz’s reputation for integrity, earned during the war, gained him the confidence of leaders beyond Germany’s industrial backbone in the Ruhr River Valley and placed him in a position after the war to renew business and restore diplomatic ties to countries in Eastern Europe, especially Poland.
Beitz adopted business methods, like bonuses and competitions, that were unusual at that time. Beitz invested heavily in the arts and established a cultural foundation that helped transform the Ruhr Valley from an industrial heartland to a hub of postmodern and postindustrial art.
I don’t think you have to be BORN and raised there to be proud of it, or have the right to identify yourself as one of the countrymen.

The article is about his family and his little girl – which is adorable by the way – SO STOP BEING SO NIT-PICKY!Sometimes we miss the charm of a person by being so PC! Other cultures have tribes, clans, moieties, castes, bands, or other special kinship affiliations.
The extraordinary, horrifying and heart-breaking book The Boy on the Wooden Box, about a 13-year-old who found his way onto Schindler’s famous list, was released in the US by Simon & Schuster’s children’s division today. In the factory he was so small he had to stand on a box to operate the machinery, which gave his memoir its title. But rather than calling him up for active duty, the Nazis sent him to supervise the Borislav oil fields, which had fallen into German hands with the invasion of Poland in 1939. While continuing to make steel and armaments, it expanded into building and equipping factories and manufacturing elevators, among other things. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer sent him on an exploratory mission to Poland in the 1960s, paving the way for Willy Brandt’s normalization of relations with East Germany and its allies a decade later. Beitz trained to become a banker, but his career took a turn in 1938 when he joined the Shell Oil Company in the northern port city of Hamburg.
His success caught the eye of Alfried Krupp, then 45 and the sole owner of the Krupp steel company.
The foundation provided the Folkwang Museum with financing for a new building, designed by David Chipperfield. Instead, he gathered letters he had received from survivors and bound them in a book, which he gave to his family. And when I say I was raised observing the customs and traitions of Ireland (County Clare) and the Philippines (Provence of Marinduque), I don’t mean I drink a green beer on St.
Mr Leyson emigrated to the US in 1949 at the age of 20, five years after he was liberated from Czechoslovakia. One of his major tasks was to re-establish a sense of purpose and direction among the company’s demoralized employees. He served in the US army during the Korean War, as he wanted to give something back to the country that had taken him in, and taught at Huntington Park High School in Los Angeles for 40 years. Krupp had recently left prison after serving part of a 12-year sentence for war crimes, including using slave labor. He used it to create unneeded jobs that spared hundreds of Poles and Jews from being deported to death camps. Krupp’s sole heir to renounce his inheritance, with which he then established the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation and converted the company into a publicly traded corporation. I would be happier (and of course that is all that is important ;-)) if he said he was of Irish desent. Also, anyone saying it’s a uniquely US thing should know that many Canadians do the same. I do like him though, I saw him on CSI and he (or at least his character) seemed really down to earth with a good sence of humor.

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