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Add a PostTo post images to Juxtapost is easy, but you'll need to install our bookmarklet which will allow you to post images from any website to your organized postboards. Spring is such a wonderful time to explore weather - clouds, rain, wind and sunshine are rampant. I have compiled 25+ spring weather related crafts and activities from the members of The PLAY Group that will help children explore elements of springtime weather in fun, hands-on and playful ways.
Here on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas you will find mom talk, family fun, learning ideas & resources, creative crafts, playtime fun, product reviews and giveaways and plenty of Lil Diva antics!Being a mom is its own unique kind of adventure! Since you need special metal cutting scissors (which I wasn't about to spend $13 on), one of the sweet employees at Home Depot spent the next 15 minutes with me cutting 8 sheets that were 8"x10". My friend used this activity to keep her 3 year-old entertained on a plane ride recently, and she said he played with it for 30 minutes. Start by painting your child’s footprint with red paint and stamp it on a piece of white cardstock paper.
Make sure to follow Crafty Morning on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram or subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter! I think the next time we might have to make them earlier in the day, when they aren't ravenous.

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I also wanted room to put an adhesive magnetic strip (leftover from what I had used for the pom poms) at the opening so the metal sheet and the worksheets would not fall out. For the rest I didn't use a long strip across the top, but rather just a little piece of magnet (about 1.5 inches in length). Go through the drama of buying a huge heavy roll of metal from Home Depot and cut individual sheets. Put the metal sheet into sheet protector (if going this route) and put one worksheet in front of it and the rest behind it. Hubby called it the "snake pit" because the kids were always reaching for his food and getting his shirts dirty. We are co-writing a book about activities to do with children to keep them busy at home so Moms can still get chores done AND promote healthy learning through play. We used pom poms, rocks, colorful Popsicle sticks, and several other items we had around the house.
You are very appreciated as my Kindergartener daughter and I find your art projects inspiring.

I found that to be better since the long strip kept closing when I would take the worksheets in and out. Please note that they have faint lines where you are to cut them so they can be 8"x10" since I wanted them to be the same size as the metal sheet. I hope to inspire and encourage you to sew, craft, create something fun for you or a loved one. After much looking around, I decided to go with something like this sheet metal that is used for roofing.
As a stay-at-home mom to 3 boys under 4, I am stretched and tired, but this is my space to share creative joy. Here is an excerpt from our book which will be available this spring (this is one of Susan's parts).

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