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Today, people do not need their dachshunds for fox hunting as much as they need them for loyal pets. A little bit of training per day on a consistent basis is considered the right approach when training a dachshund. Keep some food treats handy when training a dachshund because giving the dog a treat will reinforce its good behavior. One thing to be aware of regarding the dachshund is that these little dogs do have a stubborn streak. There will also come a time when you realize that a professional’s services might be better for the task of how to train a dachshund.
It’s essential for Dachshund parents like you to know certain basic factors that determine your relationship with your Dachshund and can go a long way in in learning how to train a Dachshund with love effectively.
Before you begin training your Dachshund, it is absolutely essential that you build a loving bond with him.
Building a bond with your Dachshund is the first and the most crucial step involved in training him successfully. When Dachshunds are secure in the knowledge that they belong to the family, they are more likely to respond better to their owners’ training commands. Trust takes time to develop and respect comes from defining boundaries and treating any breach of those boundaries with firmness and fairness. Building a bond with your Dachshund will not only help you manage him better but will also make your Dachshund calm, quiet and an extremely well-adjusted pet.
Once you’re succesful in building a bond with your Dachshund, you can rest assured that training him and teaching him new and clever tricks will be a cakewalk. The Teaching Phase – This is the phase where you must physically demonstrate to your Dachshund exactly what you want him to do.
The Generalizing Phase – Here you must continue practicing with your Dachshund in different locations and in an environment with a few distractions.
Practicing the learned lessons in multiple locations and in the presence of small distractions will help him learn and retain lessons better .
The idea is to test your Dachshund to see how he responds in an environment which is new to him.
Internalizing Phase – Finally, comes the extremely rewarding phase where your Dachshund does everything he is taught to do even without your commands.
Dachshund Luke travelled with us from Florida to Spain where we stayed in the mountains for 4 years. How to Raise and Train a Dachshund reminds me of this book my father gave me called How to Raise a Dog in the City. For a while, Mitch and I resisted the idea of moving the crate into our bedroom because we wanted the bedroom to be our space.

My one fear here is that this post scares off those who have been considering adopting a dachshund.
Made by Doxie lovers, especially for Doxie lovers :) The Dachshund Fan Club is a community where you can find various information, tips, photos and other news about the Dachshunds.
Did you know that the long body of the dachshund was slowly developed over the years when the dog was employed to hunt foxes? They will, however, wish that their pets behave and that means they need to know how to train a dachshund. One session can be for simple behavior, one session can be for performing tricks, one session can be for hunting, and one session can be for potty training, and so on. Also, when the dog realizes if it does what it is asked, and it is rewarded with a treat, it is no surprise the dog will begin listening to your commands.
To punish a dog while taking part in how to train a dachshund will not make it behave better.
If you cannot effectively train the dachshund, you will need to bring the dog to an obedience school. This is important as it helps you to understand his needs and instincts and also allows your Dachshund to have complete trust in you. As soon as you bring your Dachshund home, you must first try to develop a caring and loving relationship with him in order to win his trust and confidence. Just like with any relationship, there must be mutual trust, love, and respect between you and your Dachshund.
You can take your Dachshund out for a walk, or to a nearby park and command him to practice whatever you’ve taught him. He may not come up with the correct response the very first time you do this, but you must not lose hope. I created my How To Potty Train A Dachshund ebook when I found out some dachshunds ended up being surrendered simply because they were not house broken.
Take the dog out about an hour before bed, and don’t serve him additional food or water when you get back. If things get bad, sleep on the floor next to the crate (in the bedroom) for a couple of nights. Once the dachshund is ingrained with good behaviors, it will become a much nicer dog to own. Rather, you will end up with an aggressive dachshund that embodies more negative traits than goods ones. However, such stubbornness can be a little annoying when you are trying to understand how to train a dachshund. Crate training any dog is hard–and I certainly remember my black Lab puppies crying their little eyes out in their new crates when I was growing up.

It goes without saying that the dog should still be able to fit in the crate, and that he should have some space to move around. At one point, I even stuck my head in there while Noodle was inside just to show her it was safe.
Of course, make sure he’s eating and drinking throughout the day so as not to torture the poor thing.
Mitch and I snuggle with Noodle on the couch, and watch a television show or a movie. It calms her down and gets her ready for bed. This should only be used as a last resort, since you don’t want to make your dog a nervous wreck. While my first couple of months with Noodle were a struggle, they were completely worth it.
The dog would traverse through underground fox tunnels in which foxes live and developed a longer and sleeker physique to become more capable of chasing his distant canine cousin.
Training a dachshund can be somewhat challenging, but any owner with a sincere desire to see results can successfully do so. A better plan would be to use dog whispering techniques as opposed to yelling and screaming as these technique have a much better success rate. But dachshunds are relentless in their barking, crying and howling… and two or three months of sleeplessness is bound to drive any new dog owner into utter sadness or flat-out insanity. Sometimes I catch her playing in there on her own, and every morning, I have to drag her out by her little paws.
As I mentioned before, dachshunds have a tendency to suffer from extreme separation anxiety and loneliness–especially puppies. I simply downloaded a white noise app onto my cell phone, and placed it on top of the crate. Instead, take him out of the crate, quickly bring him outside, and then quickly put him back in the crate after he’s done his business.
She’s beyond loyal, has the funniest disposition, is the best snuggler, and loves Mitch and me with a fiery passion.
This was all a byproduct of the early days when the steps for training a dachshund revolved around hunting.
In terms of how often you should be taking the little guy out throughout the night, a good rule of thumb is every couple of hours when they’re brand new, and then once or twice per night after three or four weeks. We used it a couple of times while crate training as well as when we were having trouble with her barking, crying and jumping while we were eating dinner.

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