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I would post a picture, but my sister decided to delete her Facebook account so now I can’t find it! Just an FYI, someone posted before that they got a diaper cake and didn’t use the diapers for a few months and by the time they did moisture had gotten to the diapers and ruined them.
Probably one of the most re-pinned and favorited items on our Pinterest boards is this train diaper cake.
Here are a few more adorable diaper cake trains that can be found on eBay and Etsy and Amazon. You might also want to check out this YouTube DIY video on How to Make a Choo Choo Train Diaper Cake . Our Free Online Newspaper Classifieds are an Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Print Newspaper Classified Advertising.
But, basically it had blue polka dot ribbons tied around the tiers, and then the monkey on the blankie popped out the top. My stepmom makes a diaper wreath, but there’s definitely not a hidden bottle of champagne in it!

Although perfect as a centerpiece for train theme baby showers it is not like a traditional diaper cake where the train is built with diapers rubber banded together but instead it is  all  held together with glue so after the shower the mom-to-be will not be able to actually use the diapers. Please be aware we are generally compensated by our partner merchants if you make a purchase after clicking on our links.
It will take us a few weeks to re-size all of our pictures to properly display in our new look.
But please rest assured you NEVER pay extra for having clicked these links rather than going directly to the merchant. Gail did a beautiful job creating it and still managed to fill it with useful supplies for the mom-to-be. There are some people who are not afraid to try anything and April is definitely one of those people!
Having said that, please always be cautious and perform due diligence before purchasing goods or services from any vendor, whether online or offline.
And every diaper cake she has submitted is downright fabulous.We are delighted to have April's train diaper cake on the website and know that it will inspire thousands of our readers who are searching for cute & clever ideas for baby showers.

Update:  We have messaged this merchant to verify the details as presented   and will update you once we hear back from her!
Read April's 'recipe' and tips below.Share YOUR diaper cake ideas with the rest of us, right here!April's Comments:Trains are a tricky thing!
We have a great variety of unique and useful items for sale by our sellers in all 50 states. I started by swirling the diapers for the 'back end' of the train to determine how many diapers to use.

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