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Baby - KidSpecialty Products: Children Books and Music - Flash Cards - Phonics - Baby Signing Time - Foreign Language - Signing Time! Potty Time by Signing Time It's never too early or too late to start getting your little one excited to use the potty. This 24" x 36" full-color chart shows the 28 signs featured in the Preschool and Child Care Program, Vol. It is one of the most exciting and most dreaded milestones for parents, but Potty Time makes potty training easy, positive, and fun!

From the creators of Baby Signing Time, Potty Time is a playful and positive approach to potty training. Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman teaches and inspires children to use the potty, and helps them sing, sign, and dance to celebrate their amazing bodies and potty time success with a DVD and CD set.
2 Chart, see the More Info tab.Get a free binder when you purchase the Preschool and Child Care Program Complete Set! While your child may be ready, they may not have the words or signs needed to communicate what is going on.

Potty Time solves that problem, while making it a delightfully empowering experience for all!Potty Time is a perfect partner in potty training, working with any potty training method you choose. The Potty Time DVD and Music CD help children feel good about their growing bodies, learn the potty routine, and celebrate successes of any kind.

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