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This was a weird one, but also a genius idea that Kevin Harrington ended up investing in during Season 2 finale. I sit here without a defense of what apparently transpired in a Utah restaurant: a pair of toddlers who sat naked on potty seats in the middle of the dining room. This weekend is sometimes called a "lockdown" or the "nuclear option," but the basic concept is that your family doesn't leave the house for a weekend in an attempt to get your child potty-trained.

Collection includes several handpicked free games streamed whining is an effective tool to get what he wants. CitiKitty, has a series of trays filled with cat litter that are inserted underneath the toilet seat.
But if you agree to this dining-room contract, then I promise that I won't ruin your meal with the egregious offenses: a child running unattended around the dining room, someone grabbing you from the back of your booth, and now (sadly) the placement of a potty chair around my table.

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