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Train Wooden Puzzle – 3D Wood Jigsaw PuzzleTrain Wooden Puzzle is an ideal educational toy for your kid!
The unpainted wood gives the piece a natural, rustic look that can be cleaned with a light sanding or painted.
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The Animal train image is broken into 63 classic shaped pieces for you to drag and drop back together. Use the template to cut out shapes in craft foam, then ask your child to match them to the background. Add magnets for free form play and or try making the puzzle on the side of the bath!
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This puzzle will keep you entertained for some time and features a graphic from one of our future Hypergurl IPad games.
Close your eyes for a minute and allow yourself to dream that you are friends with these cute creatures.

I would love to talk with a jolly elephant or be given a gentle bear hug from a real live bear. Keep a check on our Facebook Page to stay up with our latest ITune offerings and online games. Craftulate is not responsible for any injury or damage while replicating activities from this blog.

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