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This song teaches kids how to find the volume of a 3 dimensional cube or rectangular prism. YouTube Kids is a selection of kid-friendly channels that range from Sesame Street to Peppa Pig to educational and music videos.
My daughter loves watching videos, but that doesn't mean I want her browsing through Netflix or Hulu Plus.
Another Apptivity app, Storybook Rhymes Volume 1 includes One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. I'm wary of any app that claims it will teach my almost-two-year-old numbers, letters, shapes or colors. Agnitus comes with a number of free games and activities, with more available for in-app purchase. Not to be confused with the interactive book of the same name, this activity center has a number of free games and activities to entertain your toddler.
Every kid needs a paint canvas, and Chalk Pad is a great free alternative to some of the paid apps on the App Store.
Circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, cylinder, cube, star, trapezoid.

Shapes and Colors allows your toddler to tap away at the screen touching shapes and making new shapes appear. The app has a number of levels that feature matching shapes, obtaining, making your own train by choosing train carts, and other fun activities.
I think an iPad can be educational, but until there is more research, I wouldn't suggest relying on it.
The app also keeps track of how well your child is doing and gives you a report card, which a nice feature, however, it does sometimes get in the way when it pops up after your child completes a level. Allowing your child to chalk it up with multiple colors, you can even change the chalk size or write one the chalk board using the on-screen keyboard. You may already be familiar with Sandra Boynton's books, and the interactive iPad apps take them to the next step. Train your Toddler!Working on the Railroad: Train Your Toddler is an adorable toddler's rendition of the popular song, “I've been Working on the Railroad” and other musical favorites. There are no ads or any type of promotions, just fun and safe content for your child.Sing-a-long!
So when I first went to look for great apps for my soon-to-be two-year-old, I was a little disappointed when reading through article after article of the best toddler apps resulted mainly in paid offerings.

However, I do think the Toddler Soundboard is one of the better educational apps when it comes to toddlers. She loves to touch the screen in various places, making presents unwrap or coloring the Christmas tree. This one will pleasantly surprise you with the amount of free activities you can do without buying anything extra. This interactive children’s app explores immersive musical scenes across the railway throughout several exciting learning games and singing adventures.
The number one thing to do is to turn off in-app purchases, which will keep your toddler from accidentally buying something within the app. How much screen time should your toddler have?

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