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Children under five need at least 12-14 hours of sleep but generally, they’re not getting it.  Sleep is the only time their brains are developing, and 95% of growth only occurs during sleep. It’s a completely different scenario from a happily energized toddler with 12 hours of sleep plus a two to three hour nap. A sleep deprived toddler is hyperactive, has a shorter attention span, is moody, intense, lacks patience, and shows other signs that they’re deeply over tired. We know this is hard because lots of people use the TV as a way to distract children so they can get things done.
Children need naps til the age of five, even if it’s just uninterrupted quiet time in their room. If your toddler isn’t napping, sit in bed with them, quietly read books, sing favorite songs,  talk to their stuffed animals, make a little nest in their bed, give them a water bottle, and do the same routine each time.
One of the toughest challenges may be teething, which can cause lots of sleepless nights with pain and discomfort. Circadian rhythms, or the sleep-wake cycle, are regulated by light and dark, so as our days lengthen, toddlers need to go down when it’s still light outside. One solution is to train them to sleep in the light and it’s a smart idea to train them to sleep anytime, anywhere.
I feel that a big part of what would improve the Sims 4 is adding in more detail as well as the obviously missing life stage and adding smaller teens (or preteens). Being able to go to the store and buy new games, buy cologne, buy electronics from a vending machine. I personally like that in Sims 2 you need to buy new outfits, not just have any you want as much as you want (this could be optional in settings). LOOKING at what other sims are doing, noticing them, running to greet parents at the door excitedly. I love that my Sims 2 Sims seem to know other sims are there, and look at them while they are speaking. A lot of this is missing from the Sims 4, and adding these details would add a TON to the game.
A lot I see is in Sims 3 as well, but yes, I think Sims 2 focused a lot on family play and will always be the favourite edition for family players.
Yes, TS2 is certainly the best with respect to detailed animations and family play, and it feels like the devs really put their heart into creating the game and enjoyed it. Instead of turning around to set a plate on a surface then hug someone, it just poofs into nonexistence and then back again. I love the way they walk over to strangers on a community lot and introduce themselves and shake hands.

With the speech bubbles and less exact communication options, it was easier to imagine and get engaged in the game as sims talked. For some people they might be just some little details, but those little things made the game special.
Unless the rules are different for a "time management" game, which is just something everyone asked for. I pity those who didn't get to enjoy this sequel ~when it came out~ to see just how much this sequel brought to series back then. If a toddler gets to bed at 9:30 PM, she’ll be up and down at night, up early in the morning and cranky all day. Teach them how to sit and flip book pages, play by themselves, or play quietly with a train set. No external sources, just lay on your bed, process the day, give your mind and body a break from constant stimulation.
If young children aren’t sleeping at least 12-14 hours per day, their growth and deleopment is slowed.
If you’re going trhough a sleepless phase, it’s the 19 month to age three that they could be cutting two-year molars. Now she knows there’s an end in sight, the pain will be subsiding, and she can cut back on the Motrin at night. Very few people read the parenting books on toddlers because life is suddenly so busy and they don’t have the time or energy. Sims can eat at the computer, but they set the plate inside of the keyboard instead of to the side. There are a bunch of diff bubbles for each topic and the sims react differently depending on their interests and maybe relationships it seems like. I like being able to customize voices but, I don't want to hear and see the same things over and over its very repetitive.
They substantially enhance the immersion of these Sims coming off as real, life-like creatures, which should be the whole goal in any life simulation. It's very apparent that the team back then were thoroughly immersed in the game through both development and play. Perhaps then justification wouldn't be necessary to explain why some say how empty and limited this current iteration is. Like creates like, and if a toddler doesn’t get enough sleep, they learn to run on hormones.

Nothing decreases deep REM sleep more than electronic stimulation, and it takes that long for the mind to process the stimulation so it can rest.  People who watch TV while falling asleep get 40% less REM slelep. If you’re running errands and see your toddler yawning, cut your trip short, or you’ll miss that ‘magic moment’ and that nap won’t happen.
You can re-train a baby or toddler in three to five days, just do it gradually and consistently.
Be as consistent as possible during teething, potty training, moving into a toddler bed or length of day.
Also while it's nice sims can fit through small spaces now, it's still annoying to see 2-3 sims stacked inside of each other in front of the fridge lol.
I like that mood plays a part, but I believe it should be more influenced by the personality. I also wish it was less specific, like "tell joke about penguins" or whatever and then the exact same animation for all jokes (it seems like). Children are being overstimulated and we’re raising a generation who doesn’t know how to be quiet or alone. Then you’re done.  If you’re not sure whats going on, the dentist can at least rule out other problems, and it’s a good time to introduce a toddler to the dentist.
I'd rather have a "tell joke" interaction and have a bunch of different animations, and read the body language etc. Electronics are much more stimulating than reading or a conversation, and it’s really important to let your mind decompress before sleep.
It can just be an hour of lying in bed with a book, but they need to develop the life skill  of down time. The wants and the fears being engaging and making sense for sims personalities and experiences, not just objects they happen to be nearby. They are developing key lifetime skills: the ability to be alone with oneself without being pluggd in or entertained, self soothing and developing their own life rhythms. Developing these skills skyrockets children’s self confidence and will result in better grades in school, happiness, and good health. One of the best gifts parents can give their child is a parent who has had 8 hours of sleep.

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