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Engineers from QinetiQ, the commercial arm of the UK's defence research agency, have come up with the Intratech Processing System (IWPS) - a cheaper, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly train toilet. The technology - which grew out of prototype system being used on a naval frigate - could also reduce waste processing and minimize the use of clean water for flushing in domestic settings. Although the water is microbe free, there are as yet no rules on safe levels for some of the other substances present in the filtered water. Moreover, the system needs servicing only every 30 days to remove built-up sludge from the bioreactor.
The telescope was first patented in the Netherlands in 1608, and a scientific conference hosted by the European Space Agency was convened in celebration of the 400th anniversary in late September.
Belgium was close enough for a short visit to a mineral specimen store and see some cathedrals.
The first stop on my vacation was the town of Leiden, only about 30 minutes from the main Amsterdam airport and the site of the conference. Not far from the train station is the laboratory that was the work place of Kamerlingh Onnes, who was a pioneer in low temperature physics in the early 20th century. There were an incredible number of bicyclists in Leiden, but I didn't have too many pedestrian close calls, as long as I kept an eye open for them on the sidewalks and bike paths. My hotel was just a few blocks from the North Sea beach, in the little resort community of Noordwijk aan Zee, and near this lighthouse built in 1921.

The reason for my visit was the Zeeuws Museum, where there was a special exhibition on the history of telescopes. The 400th anniversary conference was hosted by the European Space Agency facilities in Leiden. After three days of presentations, an evening visit to the ESA museum, a tour of the Galileo satellite assembly facility, and another evening at the Boerhaave Museum in Leiden (more 17th and 18th century telescopes and early scientific apparatus), I was ready to visit some non-scientific sites for a few days. Wandering around the markets and side streets looking for lunch, it wasn't hard to spot a Belgian waffle stand. A mineral dealer in Gent was courteous enough to invite me to his home one evening, even picking me up at my hotel. After starting to head back to the train station to return to Gent, I realized that I would be returning early the next morning for the Netherlands, probably before the McDonalds in Gent would be open.
The description of this early battery seemed to indicate that it was made by Volta himself. My interest in high voltage apparatus stems from when my home in Colorado Springs was built on top of Tesla's laboratory site.
I needed to leave my hotel early the next morning for my flight back home, so I channel-surfed that evening. The high-tech lavatory went on display last week at the railway industry's international technology exhibition, Railtex, in Birmingham, UK.

The financial and environmental costs of wastewater treatment are huge, especially in densely populated cities.
To keep tank sizes down they rely on just a squirt of sterilizing chemicals or water - often accompanied by a vacuum suck - to flush. The rest goes through a reverse-osmosis device that filters out the remaining chemicals, such as proteins and urea, so that the water can be used for hand-washing.
Smith and his colleagues must await a European Union ruling on these before they can launch the device.
Meanwhile they plan to trial the toilet to see how it stands up to the rigours of daily use. It also rewards toilet users with the luxury of a six-litre flush, the same as in the average home. I guess Leiden considers a poet, composer, and secretary to two princes more worthy of a banner!

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