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Make a town inside a large cardboard box for a fantastic small world play time that uses the whole body! We did a little round up of play people, trucks, cars, trains and trees and added them to the scene for some imaginative small world play. And I think it’s possibly the first time she’s ever impressed Big Sister with an idea she has had!
Pop helped out and loved adding a touch of colour here and there (and all over her face too of course.)I added our basket of wooden building blocks and she loved stacking and arranging them while I built some others into a little city-scape.

She thought it was the funniest thing ever to get the train driver to whoosh down the slide! I am so glad to see all of these fabulous cardboard box ideas because I sure do have an abundance of them now that I am unpacking from our move! Love the “containedness” of it ?? but my kids also love sitting in boxes, so this would go down a treat! I just love what you are doing and can’t wait to ignite my the imagination of my two and a half year old.

PLAY in it as much as we can before he gets to it with his dreaded Stanley knife that’s what! First Pop got in the box as I filled it with play balls and she crawled around in it madly, having a whale of a time flinging them here, there and everywhere!

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