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There are lots of cute products and books out there for teaching you how to toilet train your cat, so I sat down today to write about some of them as part of Litter Week. Cat feces can* contain a dangerous parasite called Toxoplasma gondii, the same parasite that can cause birth defects in humans, which is why pregnant women are warned not to come in contact with cat feces. This parasite is not destroyed by sewage treatment and eventually makes its way into the ocean. Once in the ocean the parasite sinks to the bottom where it is consumed by creatures like crabs and sea stars, which are in turn eaten by sea otters. This is of particular concern on the California coast where the sea otter population that was once 15,000 has dwindled to 2,500. It is said that sea otters act as excellent sentinels, in the same way that canaries once did in mines, signaling larger problems in the ecosystem. You can also look into some specific methods of composting that use the proper combination of time and temperature and can actually kill the parasite and create usable compost material. Most indoor only cats do not carry this parasite – it is mostly found in cats who roam around outside at least some of the time. There is also another very good reason not to toilet-train your cat: it inhibits the monitoring of his urinary and bowel health, while evidence left in a litter box such as discolored, hard, or bloody stools are easier to spot.
No, I can’t block use a baby gate to keep my dog out of the bathroom, he just jumps it. Doesn’t other species’ waste (such as human and especially, dog) contain this parasite as well?
I’m glad the poster pointed out that the danger is far greater from handling undercooked meat than from cleaning litterboxes. Great article, but surely all that is required is to make sure that your cat is wormed regularly.

Anyone who can successfully toilet train a man and a cat has my sincere admiration, as it`s far more hygienic and nothing goes into landfill. Realize you could not be comprehensive and expect people to read it but, river otters are also at risk all over the country and many landfills are very close to rivers.
An unlucky train pooper who found himself sans toilet paper was recently saved via the power of Twitter. With just one chart, you get 5 professional speedsters: Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson, Ramone and Sheriff! But as I researched, I found some very troubling information that I have to share with you.
Sea otters are particularly susceptible to the parasite which causes brain damage and death. So even if you think that by flushing cat feces you can’t possibly be affecting the sea otters in California, please think again. Recent legislation passed in California requiring labeling on all flushable cat litter warning consumers about the dangers of flushing cat feces.
It can cause stress for many kitties, and it is MUCH harder to fix a litterbox-avoidance problem than to prevent it.
I did see a way to create a home made, safe composting system for dog and cat waste on the Shelterric blog a while back. Rats and feral cats run back and forth all the time and can carry toxoplasma gondii parasitic, also barriers often fail after rainstorms.
One of my cats prefers h-toilet over litter tray and they smell much better and don’t have all that litter dust in their lungs and stomachs. Elite Daily reports that 16-year-old Adam Greenwood was traveling on Virgin Trains last month when he found himself in the no-TP predicament.

You can reward you child for desired potty behaviors such as: taking his pants down by himself! It is possible to have your cat’s feces tested if you want to toilet train your cat or flush waste. By warning people against toilet training cats, you’re doing exactly the wrong thing.
It has everything we learned from start to finish when we trained Bentley our Yorkshire Terrier. To minimize impact on the landfill, use a biodegradable litter and biodegradable bag, like paper bags when disposing of cat feces.
If you want to save otters, the way to do it is by ENCOURAGING toilet training instead of litter-flushing. However, the gag turned into a real life problem solved when Virgin Trains wrote back, “Which coach, Adam?” He was promptly delivered a new roll — and posted a picture of said roll on Instagram to prove it. Choose from an array of FREE stickersor, get the BRAND NEW CARS STICKERS!Download your Cars Potty Training Chart in PDF or JPEG format. Also allowing your cat to go outside is just as bad if not worse than flushing feces down toilet.

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