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Little Brother has recently discovered a love for LEGOs, which has rubbed off on Big Brother as well. My parents gave the boys their train table for Christmas four years ago, so they don’t sell the exact table we have. Until now, I had no idea that LEGO Duplos will fit on top of the regular LEGO building plates!
My husband and his dad just finished building our kids a Lego table for Christmas…actually Lego on one side for the older kid, and Duplo on the other side (they made a base that can flip over) for the toddler.
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Many years ago, someone pointed out that the book of Proverbs has 31 chapters, making it ideal for a month-long Bible reading project. I kept finding a wealth of advice both practical and profound, telling me how to resolve conflicts and get along with people. All of these flow not from external restrictions or legalistic rules but from a living faith in the Lord: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. Parents are to form their children – morally, spiritually, and in the pragmatic ways of how to function in everyday life. Conscientious parents trying to fight today’s trends must now deal with the phenomenon known as the “toxic parent,” one who does not try to “train up a child in the way he should go” but instead wants to be considered “cool” and so indulges the child, to the point of enabling his experimentation with sex, alcohol, and drugs. Today’s pop culture is unlike any other in history, in being driven by children rather than by adults. A timetable is a table or schedule of information which shows the times of something occurring.
This timetable of a school day shows information on where your child should be at various times during the day. There are 6 buses shown on this timetable, they begin at the depot and end at the swimming pool and they run every 15 minutes.
Which bus do you need to catch to be at St Mary's School in time if you get on at Central Park? Which bus do you need to catch to be at St Georges School in time if you get on at Green St?
By looking at the times of the previous and later buses, you can work out that the bus takes 12 minutes to travel from Forest Rd to the Swimming Pool. By looking at the times of the previous and later buses, you can work out that the bus takes 5 minutes to travel from Central Park to the Railway Station. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive my free 2016 SEO Keyword Planner and to stay up to date with all the latest from Singing Through The Rain. Training your child is biblical, and I strongly believe that training your child in every aspect is part of that verse. Now as my son is getting older, I feel it’s important to train him to  pray before meals and bedtime. My name is Kathryn and I am a Christian military wife and stay-at-home mom to my two special needs kiddos. KTM Train Ride from Singapore to Malaysia was what my boys had been looking forward to since months ago, when we heard that the KTM train station at Tanjong Pagar will end its service on 1st July 2011. We strolled around the Johor Sentral train station for 30mins before we set off to have fun. 10mins before the train set off and our queue number has yet to be called from that ONE operation counter! I needed the toilet and so did the boys, but we dare not go anywhere till we get on the train. After purchasing the tickets, we waited again for another officer to allow us to enter the first gantry. When we came out of the toilet, all the passengers who were taking the same train as us were still held at the waiting area. Though the train we took from KTM Tanjong Pagar train Station, was a 2nd class and our seats were reserved, we were back-seating towards the direction of the train movement. For this journey back to Singapore, the train was a 3rd class train and the seats were not reserved, meaning it was free seating.
I was shocked and I did not react fast enough to get my boys’ and my butt off the seat. The second criminal walked through the door and like a tiger, he LEAPT over to grab Keatkeat!!! Immediately I grabbed my boys’ hands, stood up and walked towards Allan, who had been standing about 5 feet away from us, all these while.

He meant that this was just a pretentious event and that Allan should not be overly concerned. If it WAS an exercise, why did they not inform the passengers at the waiting area first to mentally prepare them or ask them to stay away from the door? I should have been more alert and moved away the moment the first criminal walked through the door! I realised the trains from Malaysia to Singapore did not state any first class, second class and third class trains.
I am planning a trip to msia by KTM train this June when i came across this article on your experience. Share your story within 200 words, and submit it along with a photograph that best reflects the story. Top winning entry will get a chance to publish his or her photo as postcards in 10,000 copies – which will be distributed at more than 100 places in Singapore.
Took train on 22 may and ktm staff told me I have to sit according to number on ticket when s’porean complained that they have their seats taken after customs clearance at woodlands. For my case, I didn’t see any seat numbers on my return-to-Singapore train tickets, so I asked the officials where should we sit and it was him who told me that it was free seating. It is especially with the recent influx of singaporeans travelling by rail led to an increase in unpleasant experiences where some stubborn fellow singaporeans refuse to listen to the explanation of the frequent travellers. I have taken the Raykat Express for umpteenth times and did not have any issues until recently. I wish I had seen this idea before he finished so I knew to keep the plates from being totally flush and that the Duplos will fit on the Lego plates (the Duplo plates are pricey).
My grandson wants a train table and already has a Lego table – I was trying to figure out how I could make a top for the Lego table, as he does not have a large room.
It me about ?95 which included the lego plates, wood, adhesive and the tape but as we are getting him lego for Christmas it’s worth the cost. I would just measure the table and then make sure you have enough green plates to cover the surface. Yes, we actually used a finishing nailer to secure the tracks to the table originally, so we couldn’t get some of the nails out of our board. I was looking for a way to cover it and make some various table tops, such as a parking lot, craft table, drawing table, etc. One thing everyone should know is that the bases of the drawers are very weak and with enough Legos in them, the bases will pop out from the bottom and leak Legos everywhere.
So I read one chapter a day for a month, and the experience was so rewarding I kept doing it, month after month for about a year, repeating the same verses as I was going through different issues in my life, to the point that at least some of them started to sink in.
I learned that I am to plan, make decisions, and take action, but that God, nevertheless, is the one who leads, determines, and establishes the outcome. Its purpose, according to the first chapter, among other things, is to give “knowledge and discretion to the youth” (v. And, indeed, it is all here, showing that not much has changed after all in the temptations and problems that teenagers face.
The book of Proverbs both teaches and models how this should be done, how to “train up a child in the way he should go” (22:6).
Gene Edward Veith – is academic dean of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, and director of the Cranach Institute at Concordia Theological Seminary in St. Common timetables are Bus and Train timetables giving information of arrivals and departures, TV Guides, showing the start and finish times of programmes and your child will probably have a school timetable which tells them what they are doing at school. To train him that Sundays and Wednesdays we go to church, and that picking up his toys is just as important as playing with them.
I am just glad that God has given us this verse so that we can see how important training our children is. Though the station will be moved to Woodlands, the scenery throughout the journey would be so different then. We bought the tickets yesterday, which was on Mother’s Day, and set off today on the 8am train.
It was frustrating because there were so many people waiting to get their tickets but the ticket officer was taking his own sweet time!
Luckily there were restrooms at the waiting area and the boys and I went to relieve ourselves. We wanted to choose the front-facing seats; so after coming out from the toilet, my two boys and I sat on the very first bench that was nearest to the door of the gantry. So for safety reasons, I assumed that they would NOT come over to our side of the gantry, isn’t?

Keatkeat was the nearest to the door, where the intimidating group walked through with the two criminals. The loud slam of his big palms onto the metal bench is still ringing in my ears when he was dragged away from Keatkeat and pinned down on the floor by 6 to 7 fei-hu-dui men. Just the cabins are different, there are 1st class seats cabins, superior seats cabins and economy class cabins like aeroplane, when returning, free seatings, so all depends on luck to get one empty seat. It is neither a coincident nor an accident so do give your story a voice and share it with us! Whereas my friend had the same experience as yours, there was a seat number assigned to their return-to-Singapore train tickets, so it was not free seating for my friend’s experience. Hope that you and family had enjoyed the train ride despite the encounter with Special Ops.
There’ll probly be more such unpleasant situation during this last week and hopefully this can clear up the air.
However, the free seats are only referring to those NOT already occupied by travellers who are returning from places beyond JB. The contents on this blog are the sole property of the author, Angeline Foong, and may not be used or reproduced in any manner without consent.
It’s more of a way to repurpose what you already have (and still be able to use it as a train table). However, would you know how many of the smaller green plates would be needed to cover the table instead of the large grey ones?
I’m curious to know how this has help up as far as durability and if you would change anything if you were to do it again? We will train them in the ways of God and the Bible, and we will train them to be good citizens. I have to find what works for him and the best way I found to train him is through routine and schedule.
Lots of stuff to talk about in Jusco, therefore I decided to put that into a separate blog post later. At the end of it, the boys were even happier than I was, with their first time shopping using Ringgits; from Ang Paos collected over the years during Chinese New Year. I could not believed this was happened and I am sure you were scared the hell out of your life. I was on the train from Tampin to singapore, and when the train stops at Jb train station, the toilets on the train itself were closed too, and all of us were waiting for the officers to check our passports and tickets (cause we do not have to do down to clear immigration in malaysia). Friends call me kids-crazy because I always adore children and want to be close to them as often as I can. As we see in the whole continuing history of godless ideologies that win traction by promising compassion, empathy, and niceness, but end with varying combinations of gulags, tyranny, terrorism, and AIDS. Though the wise too will “hear and increase in learning,” many of the proverbs take the form and context of the teaching that goes on within a family.
The older I get the more I realize how important training is – especially for my son as an autistic child. Dont think that being kiasu and occupying something first means that the item is rightfully yours. But mostly I think he just wants it to look like a whole train table with everything that goes with trains!
In today’s topsy-turvy and increasingly infantile culture, Proverbs not only helps children become adults; it also helps adults become adults. But by training them and getting them ready to go out into the world on their own, we are preparing them for life and hopefully if we do it right, the Bible promises they will never depart from our trainings. The way we go about training them differs from family to family and child to child but the important thing is that we do it!
Share with me your woes in parenting your child and I just might have the antidote to your 'poison'. And even if I am convinced that I am really a good person, that I am virtuous, that I reside on the moral high ground, “All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirit” (16:2).

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