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August 10, 2015 By Ben Butler 14 Comments Sharing Is Caring0430000Today in Pitbull Puppy Training Tips, we’re going to talk about making the first introductions. Introducing a new puppy to a home that already has a dog should be approached with caution, but not fear. If you have a dog that’s already well socialized, then make the addition of your Pitbull puppy one big play date. Although pitbulls are consummate family dogs and quite gentle, it’s very important to begin obedience training early.
Obedience training is important for any breed, but it’s especially important for pitbull puppies. The last command that makes my pitbull puppy training tips list for obedience essentials is stay. I really think that every pet dog should be trained in the basics, and these are great tips for getting started. I’ve never trained a pitbull before but I have had a professional dog trainer train us to train our cockapoo. I had a neighbor that had a pit when I was younger and it was actually a really well behaved dog.
We don’t have dogs (yet!) but I we will totally do obedience and leash training when the time comes! You can’t expect a Pitbull to figure out what you would like him to do (or don’t want him to do) unless you show him what your expectations are.
Done correctly, pitbull training should be fun, both for you and your pit, as well as exercising his brain and reinforcing the good quality relationship between you. If you have or plan to get a dog, one of the things that you really need to think about is how best to train your four-legged friend.
There are several things that should set alarm bells off in your head, when you look for a Pitbull breeder. If you’ve ever owned a Pitbull or are thinking of owning one, you know that the terms for different Pitbulls can be very confusing. You see, the confusion starts with the fact that many dogs are called Pitbulls when they actually aren’t.
You see, when Pitbulls started getting a bad reputation, which, by the way, is mainly undeserved, people started to fear anything that looked even a little like a Pitbull.
First of all, yes it’s true that Pitbulls as a breed are no stranger to fights of one sort or another.
Of course, aside from Pitbull fights and bull baiting events, Pitbulls have also been used throughout history to fight various other animals. The Pitbull is a dog type or, more accurately, a family of dog types, that often gets a bad reputation. However, that doesn’t stop people from confusing APBT dogs with various other breeds and lumping them all into the category of “Pitbull”.
When people picture images of mean dogs fighting other animals, including other dogs, or attacking people, they often picture a Pitbull. This will actually be more about the dogs you have in your home now that the puppy you’re bringing in. If you remember nothing else from this Pitbull Puppy Training Tips article remember this: jealousy can be the death of a canine relationship.
Would you ever suggest having your old dog smell something that has the puppy’s scent on it to get use to the new scent? I know that working dogs need to be trained a bit differently (we have a farm breed) and it is good to have that info!
So many people have pitbulls and do not train them so they end up doing things they should not. I was not schooled on pits until a blog buddy of mine gave me lots of info on them and my mindset on them has changed in a big way.

I am not going to lie my ex didnt do everything right when training him…he trained him so hard because he wanted to rough up the pit.
He used to have one that he got as a puppy and she became well-trained and listened to him well.
And your Pitbull won’t be trained properly or be willing to heed your commands unless you use efficient training methods.
That can come from abuse, improper socialization or being taken from their mothers too soon. There are many myths and legends surrounding the breed and the vast majority of those are negative. Generally speaking, you should have an easy time of it, but these Pitbull puppy training tips on introductions should help ensure that it’s smooth sailing. If you know your dog is a friendly pooch just put the puppy on the ground, and let the fun commence. That could be anywhere the dog already inhabiting the house doesn’t feel particularly possessive of. She is fairly well trained already except, she doesn’t know how to play games like fetch and she chews if she is out of bones. Follow these pitbull puppy training tips to help you make sure your new pooch learns its place in your family pack. Leash training is the first and foremost lesson in my pitbull puppy training tips on obedience, because it’s the foundation for everything else. When your dog knows sit and consistently follows it, it’s a great way to nip any sort of unwanted activity in the bud immediately. We are getting ready to get a puppy again after a really long time and I was afraid I wouldn’t remember how to train him properly but with these it won’t be as hard as I thought!
I was on a walk with my toddler once and turned a corner where an owner was out with their pitbull without a leash.
This means that you don’t have to “show them who’s  boss”, because they always strive to please their owner. Adult Pit Bulls are as well receptive to training,  although several might be less keen or quick to learn than a younger Pitbulls.
Some even go so far as to say they have a “devil dog” or that the dog goes out of its way to destroy the house. When you understand why puppy chewing happens, it will help you to control your own puppy’s chewing.
For example, what really is the difference between Blue Pitbulls, White Pitbulls and Red Nose Pitbulls? For example, if your dog doesn’t normally take naps, eat, and all of that in your bathroom, introduce your Pitbull puppy there. And while your new Pit might not get hurt if your other dog snaps or attacks, it might just get the idea that it needs to be on guard against your other pooch. If you follow the advice I’ve laid out in this edition of Pitbull Puppy Training Tips, you should have no problem with your introductions. Do this until your puppy has made the connection between its hind end staying put and getting a treat.
If you follow these pitbull puppy training tips for obedience, you’ll have a strong foundation to build on. The key here is NOT to introduce your new Pit pup and your other furry family member in a place where the other dog feels particularly territorial. In those few seconds I had no idea how trained that dog was and all I could do was shield my son with my body and hope for the best. So, if he or she hasn’t seen certain things before, especially big things, they can be easily scared. So, if you leave your pup alone for too long, they’re likely to get upset or nervous and start chewing various objects in the house.

Well, to understand that, we need to take a look at the breed’s history and temperament. After that, it’s just a matter of repeating the process until your puppy can recognize the command and respond on its own. Start the whole process over after that, moving progressively further away until your puppy reliably sits and stays on command. As the pup stops craning for the treat, slowly remove your finger from the collar u til they’re sitting on their own. After that, you can begin advanced stay training of teaching it to stay, say, when its favorite toy is in the room.
If you have kids, make sure they are involved in the training so puppy doesn’t think they can be the boss of them! Taeya has severe separation anxiety for which we thought getting her a brother would be a great idea, so we adopted Tyce.
We recently came across a homeless family with Pitbulls living in a park and found out that two of the litter died. Our heart went out to them and we adopted 1 male (Titan) that was 6 weeks old and is not fixed yet. He is now 4 months and we plan to get him fixed, but he has been showing major aggressive behavior recently.
First, he would start playing with Taeya, and she can handle it, but then he would start to bite her mouth and we could not pull his mouth open; which terrifies us. He bites his mouth and does not let go, whenever we take them on a walk or if we give Tyce attention. Our only methods have been putting him in the crate to calm him down, which works, and then he goes up to Tyce and gives him kisses. I plan to get him fixed this week and see how they may change; but in the meantime, I need a solution for them to co-exist without my older dogs getting their face bitten off. Then we will most likely find him a new home; our intention from the start was to foster him.
I love him dearly and if I can't find a way to help him stop then we will have to get rid of him.
I have had him for about 3-4 weeks now and his aggression and biting is getting to be too much, especially with my 5 year old son.
I have tried smacking his mouth, giving him a firm NO, newspaper against my hand to make loud noise to stop him, putting him in his cage after disciplining him, he just doesn't stop. They all have had the same personality traits as puppies with the puppy biting and extra energy. I certainly appreciated her honesty, but for some reason I really would like to give this dog a chance to live in a home. Then any hand looks like a play toy to the pup.I always would take the pup by the scruff gently and raise him up and look at him and say no.
Gently put her in another room for a few minutes when you can't get her to stop, just long enough for her to calm down.
Begin by finding Cesar Milans (the dog whisperer) website and read enough to understand red zone dogs.
Your dog needs intensive training immediately and you need to learn to understand what you are dealing with.
If your dog bites a person you are legally responsible because you are aware of the dogs tendencies.
Your dog will need to be handled very carefully for its lifetime to avoid someone being badly hurt and you becoming legally responsible for the damage.

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