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I had answered her, my husband and 30 other people answered her with pretty much the same answer. I love Poms, I had one for 13 years and she was not suppose to live but 5 years or less because of some health problems she was born with.
When my pommies had their first litter of 6 baby-Pom’s we used a kids pool to contain them.
TARA,what a great idea, my baby is 6 weeks now do you think it’s too early to potty train. About Pommy MommyAt Pommy Mommy our mission is to be the best resource on information regarding your Pomeranian and being the best Pommy Parent blog.
Pomeranians are a fantastic blend of cheeky high energy playfulness and loving affectionate companion dog. Pomeranian puppies are a great all-round dog breed, they are just as happy living in an inner city apartment as they are out in the country. It is essential for the health and well being of your Pomeranian puppy that you provide early puppy socialization and at the very least some basic Pomeranian obedience training.
The Pomeranian as we know and love them today descended from the sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland – back then the Pomeranian was a much bigger specimen.
By the middle of the 19th century Pomeranians had made their way into Europe and more specifically Britain. The other striking feature of a Pomeranian puppy which is immediately apparent is their luxurious plush coat. A few words that accurately describe the temperament of a typical Pomeranian puppy are: loyal, affectionate, feisty, cocky, bold, inquisitive, extroverted, willful and loving. The temperament and behavior habits of your Pomeranian puppy are largely determined by where you purchase your puppy from, the early socialization you provide and the obedience training you do together (nutrition also plays a role). Your Pomeranian puppy breeder or Veterinarian are the best people to consult for specific health care advice. The high intelligence, energy, athleticism and enthusiasm of Pomeranians has seen them excel at all levels of obedience training and dog sports.
Training your Pomeranian puppy is vital in order to shape your puppy into a well respected and trusted member of your neighbourhood. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. The pool is big enough to give her room but not give her too much to get in trouble… because she is blind now she also uses the walls as a guide to get around. I have tried to find another puppy that I could be happy with and after several years have found one and she is a mix with Yorkie and Pom and she is perfect for us.

Maybe it is because I was raised with so many animals growing up and continue doing rescue and proper rehoming to exotic pets but if people just did basic needs there wouldn’t be so many animals to rescue. We want to provide the very best in Pomeranian specific breed knowledge, behavioral training techniques, Pomeranian Diet and Grooming with an emphasis on educating the public as well as would be Pomeranian parents on the value of rescue. As long as you include your Pomeranian puppy in all family activities, you’ll have a happy and cheerful housemate. This is when they were bred down into a smaller package which was more suited to living indoors as a companion dog. This is a beautiful double coat with a dense and fluffy undercoat and a long and coarse outer-coat.
It is important that you purchase your puppy from a well respected and reputable Pomeranian puppy breeder. A good solid brushing once a week will ensure your dog’s teeth and gums look and feel in top shape.
For this reason it is essential that you establish a few boundaries and provide some clear and consistent guidelines for your Pomie to follow. Don’t expect too much from your Pomeranian puppy, they have small bladders and cannot hold on for extended periods. This is where you will build and strengthen the strong bond you and your Pomeranian puppy will enjoy. We are lucky because Pomeranians are extremely smart and can pick up commands and training, and I may be biased here but… better than any other breed I know. It took me about 6 months to unwind all kinds of serious issues but I did it common sense, internet, books, and my background of having so many animals. Pomies have those attractive dark almond shaped eyes and carry a seemingly happy expression. The coat comes in many color variations but most common are various shades of orange or red. If you do not purchase your puppy from a good Pomeranian breeder you run the risk of bringing a dog with all kinds of mental and physical problems into your life.
They form a very close and loving bond with their human housemates and don’t do well when left alone and isolated for long periods.
Once again, purchasing from a reputable Pomeranian breeder is essential if you want a sound and healthy Pom.
Be especially careful if your dog is ever left in a parked car – overheating can occur very quickly.
If you pick out a good Pomeranian potty training schedule and stick to it with consistency, persistence and a touch of patience, I’m sure you will achieve the desired result.

The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. The group member told me and every one else that answered that she couldn’t afford a crate, pen or otherwise. We like to keep an eye on her at all times, so when I go out I didn’t want to be dragging the larger pool all the way up to the third floor where his office is.
And of course some breeds, such as Poms, might need special care such as grooming or might have other health issues so need to be treated. Their most distinctive feature is the tail which is set high but lays flat against the line of the back. It’s a good idea to give your Pomie a brush every couple of days to prevent matting and the build up of dry skin.
A good Pomeranian puppy breeder has the best interests of the breed at heart and will only breed from high quality (and screened for disease) stock. Training will help to establish good behavior habits early on and make it clear to your Pomeranian puppy that you are the boss in this relationship (not in a forceful or violent way).
She kept bangingĀ into the metal cage part which concerned me that the metal would hurt her separated vertebrae.
Potty training a puppy is hard work, especially if you’re not there all day, everyday to monitor their actions. You can find a proven Pomeranian house training schedule to follow in the training resource listed below. The average healthy Pomeranian is a great jumper and depending on their size could easily escape.
Well behaved, extremely tolerant of children even when they did things that probably annoyed him. So I ran it passed my ever resourceful husband… if you know him, he literally has an answer for everything. It’s alot easier cleaning up a little puddle off a kitchen floor than out of carpeting or worse yet, furniture. Also, alot less expensive than replacing carpeting or a couch because of staining or smell.

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