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Since writing the above blog post it has become the most popular article on this website thus far, even though my later post Preventing Loose Skin During Weight Loss has more information on the topic.
I also wrote How to get Rid of Fat Lines as an expansion on that topic, as it goes hand in hand with loose skin. My newest blog post on the topic, 20 Ways to Tighten Skin after Weight Loss, is the most expansive blog post on this topic.

Looking to sign up for archery lessons, boxing lessons, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons or personal training sessions? Want to burn more calories and trick your body into burning more calories without thinking about it? Moisturizer helps your skin retain its elasticity and its best to absorb it through your skin while sleeping because you regenerate faster while sleeping.

So if you're looking for more ways to tighten up your skin, that is an article you will definitely want to read.

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