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These toddler programs are terrific parent-child interactive programs designed to stimulate the childa€™s physical and mental development through music, movement, games and fun. The Little Legends 3 program is a wonderful introduction into the fun world of physical fitness through gymnastics. The Little Legends program for 4 year olds is a great class to learn gymnastics and how their body moves. Friendly and creative coaches incorporate fun and imagination as they lead parent and tot through the planned events. The main component (more than 40%) of MCTs is lauric acid, followed by capric acid, caprylic acid, myristic acid and palmitic.

Coconut oil also contains about 2% linoleic acid (polyunsaturated fatty acids) and about 6% oleic acid (monounsaturated fatty acids).Most of the coconut oil benefits come from the MCTs. For example, the lauric acid in coconut oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties.
Capric and caprylic acid have similar properties and are best known for their anti-fungal effects.In addition, MCTs are efficiently metabolized to provide an immediate source of fuel and energy, enhancing athletic performance and aiding weight loss. In dogs, the MCTs in coconut oil balance the thyroid, helping overweight dogs lose weight and helping sedentary dogs feel energetic.According to Dr.
Bruce Fife, certified nutritionist and naturopathic doctor, coconut oil gently elevates the metabolism, provides a higher level of energy and vitality, protects you from illness, and speeds healing.

Karen Becker, says “Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) have been shown to improve brain energy metabolism and decrease the amyloid protein buildup that results in brain lesions in older dogs.

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