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The large, stocky, hardy breed of dogs, Spanish Mastiff, originating in Spain, with a massive chest, a muscled, rectangular structure, fall under category mountain dog that are popular as pets as also in exhibitions and shows. Mastiffs, being one of the most ancient dogs, have their ancestors dating back to 5000 years that were ferocious war dogs, different from today’s affectionate mastiffs. The hefty, strong type Mastin Pesado (or, the Heavy Mastiff), more populous in mountainous Spain, taking part in expositions and dog shows.
The extremely calm and gentle dog is pretty tolerant towards children and strangers and protector of its whole family.
A daily walk for an hour twice a day and an open but enclosed space to freely move around with their huge size is enough. Regularly, brush their short, dense coat, clean ears, trim nails from time to time and brush their teeth 2 to 3 times weekly to keep away away bacteria and tartar build-up.

Other than common problems like hip dysplasia, entropion (inversion of the eyelids) and heart problems, pano-ostiosis, bloating, slobbering, drooling, snoring loudly are also common to the Spanish mastiff. Right from puppyhood days train them properly to get used to other dogs, since they can hardly tolerate other breeds. The Spanish Mastiff is the largest of all the Spanish native dog breeds and is the heaviest of the LGDs. They are not recommended for those who are looking for a breed to play Frisbees with, move out for a jog or run alongside bikes. Distinct feature : It reaches its full height at one year old and its full weight at two years. Coat : The French Mastiff has thick, wrinkly skin and a short, soft coat which comes in shades of fawn to mahogany.

These dogs were originally bred as guardian dogs for livestock for protection against wolves etc. They are not suitable for urban life for their booming voice, as they might pester their neighbors and even its own owner, especially, if living in an apartment. French Mastiffs have a patient, gentle temperament, however they are suspicious and confrontational with strangers and sometimes aggressive with other dogs, especially males.

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