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While I was bummed that this didn't have a snap feature for accidents, it hasn't been a big issue. I've heard such great things about Super Undies and these were on sale, so I decided to try them.
I love trim it is and the pull-up style with snaps was a big plus when I was choosing trainers to try. If I needed to change him due to an accident, it was easiest to have another shell ready to go with a pad already in place. I'll give a full run down of all the trainers we tried, complete with details, but here's a brief summary of my favorites. Of course, you could buy more pads and get more use out of one shell, lessening the cost.
It's even cotton on the outside like underwear, but has an inner layer to make it waterproof.
While a small fit, it won't fit for much longer and I kind of wished I had gone for the medium.

The Feel Wet inserts are made of microfiber, but are topped with a special material that allows your child to feel the wetness when an accident happens.
There is a bit of padding in the wet zone to provide some absorbency which is great if your child catches himself mid accident and stops peeing. With accidents, the trainer holds in all the wetness without leaks, but the cotton inside allows for my toddler to feel the wetness. When my toddler has an accident in this trainer, I love that the wetness doesn't puddle all over the floor. Since my son is used to the Flip organic cotton inserts in Flip covers, I think this trainer was most like a diaper to him. The FeelWet inserts are printed with fun, coordinating prints and snap into the shell to keep it in place. I like that I can add anything to the pocket to boost the absorbency and the pocket is large, so it's easy to find something to fit. If you purchase the kit (1 shell and 3 inserts), this system works out to less than $8 per use.

The outer layer stays waterproof with one accident and the built in layer of microfiber is enough to absorb one accident. The trainer comes with a set of side panels in the same color, but you can purchase other colors or a plus-size version for bigger kids.
I've found that if I don't catch the accidents in this trainer immediately, his clothing will get wet.
The legs were too tight and pinched his thighs, The waist fit okay, but the rest of the trainer was incredibly baggy. I really like this system for errands or when we were out of the house and I expected accidents to happen. Unfortunately, I found that reusing the shell was almost impossible every time we had an accident.

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