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Raw Feeding for DogsSo many people have the same questions that you do: How do I get started?
Meet Tuco, a German Shepherd puppy who may one day become a K-9 unit for the Boston Police Department—that is, if he can handle it. Owned by BPD dog handler Troy Caisey, a 22-year veteran of the force who has trained more than 350 canines at a facility in Jamaica Plain during the course of his career, Tuco captured people’s hearts online Monday when Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog, a non-profit organization, posted an image of the young pup on their Facebook page.
The image of the dog, seen standing in a bulletproof vest he will likely grow into, was also posted to Reddit, where it racked up nearly 1,000 comments.
The photo was being promoted by Vest-A-Dog so the organization could help sell their 2015 calendars, which contain a collection of pictures of other police canine units from around the state. When Vest-A-Dog posted the image, they said the dog was named “Batman,” but Caisey told Boston the dog’s name is really Tuco, after Mexican drug kingpin Tuco Salamanca, from the popular AMC series Breaking Bad. Tuco was nine weeks old when the picture was taken for the calendar, but now the dog is six months old. Caisey said a friend gave the dog to him, and he is personally raising him to be his next “work dog,” as long as he is obedient enough to take on the task. Boston recently spent three months hanging out with Caisey and police recruits at the facility in Jamaica Plain, part of the Brandegee Estate that straddles Brookline, to find out how canines become officers of the law. Actually if you had a brain and could read you would know that it is very very rare that a police dog actually hurts someone. Tuco was first the name of the sleazy sidekick of Blondie (Clint Eastwood) in the Man with No Name movies. Yes the DOG captures hearts but too bad the police themselves can’t capture the hearts of the public and have such a terrible reputation all across America. I am merely pointing out that you are making a leap from a story about a puppy to an indictment of the entire law enforcement community.

My father was always too tired from beating your mother to do anything other than provide a stable and loving foundation for my family.
These effective toilet training pads are made from super-absorbent material with a strong plastic backing. Puppy Training Pads are sprayed with pheromones and other scents such as grass specifically to attract the dog to the pad when he feels the urge to eliminate.
Puppy training pads have a very high success rate when used as a toilet training tool during early Puppy Housetraining. We will help prepare for your puppy’s homecoming or start lessons after your puppy is home with you and help you choose appropriate puppy supplies. The proceeds from those sales go toward equipping the K-9s with vests to wear while responding to calls, and other essential equipment. If things don’t work out, Caisey said he might also assign the dog to another officer. To get certified, the dogs spend 14-weeks at the training grounds, five days a week, conducting drills.
We reserve the right to remove impersonators or personal attacks, threats, profanity, or flat-out offensive comments. There has to be children who around to see the animal be murdered or else what’s the use?
OK, take it personally, because I really do think you are a total loser for replying to such an old thread.
The edges are reinforced to avoid leaking and the pads have an odour dispelling system which makes them an ideal way to go about toilet training a puppy.
When your puppy is eliminating on the puppy training pad every time he feels the need to go, then the pad can be gradually moved nearer to the outside door.

Remember to give plenty of praise and your new pup will soon be trotting outside to spend a penny. Jumping into a group class for your puppy or adult dog without the proper foundation in place can be setting you and your dog up for disaster. This early intervention will teach you how to prevent common problems many puppy owners make as well as the foundations of obedience.
For example, Doris and Duke started with a three week, three time per week program focusing on obedience. But that’s just coming from me, ya know someone whose uncle and father were K9 officers for a combined 56 years.
Just as explosives sniffing dogs are given a towel to play with that has the scent of the explosive on it. Look it up people, you could spend all week reading about the crimes committed against the American public by those who are sworn to serve and protect. Stories of so-called abuse are usually covered in a biased way and never told with a clarity so the casual observer will actually understand what took place.
Although the one where the swat team throws a flash grenade into a baby’s crib and the child receives serious burns should be enough to tell you something is wrong.
This an early intervention program to help avoid problem behaviors down the road and set you and your puppy up for a long and successful life together!

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