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One thing to remember is that you need to show your puppy that you are the master before imparting any kind of training.
A pup would usually go around a particular area and sniff when it wants to go to the bathroom.
The puppy will also need to learn that people around him could be unpredictable at times, especially small children. Beagles have a lovely soft expression about them, with their big floppy ears and intelligent dark eyes. Beagle puppies have boundless energy and more than their share of intelligence - although Beagle puppy training is not without its challenges. Beagles are one of the most popular of all dog breeds around the world today - they are also one of the oldest of the purebred hounds. Even today, although rare it is a magnificent sight to see a field full of Beagles, noses to the ground working a scent, with their white tipped tails wagging high above them. Beagles are typically 13-16 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh in at around 25-30 pounds. Along with the Beagles obvious good looks it is their lovely gentle temperament that wins over dog lovers worldwide.
At their best when they have been well bred, socialized and trained Beagles have a beautiful even temperament and merry disposition. If you are planning to bring a Beagle puppy into your household be sure that you have sufficient fencing around your property.
You'll find your Beagle to be ever alert, inquisitive, and of course have an acute sense of smell.
Even though Beagles are not considered to be an aggressive breed they can be prone to food guarding. NOTE: Purchasing your puppy from a reputable Beagle breeder gives you the best chance of bringing a well balanced, physically and mentally sound dog into your life. Your Veterinarian and Beagle breeder can offer you more specialized Beagle health care advice, but you should at least be aware of some of the potential health problems listed below.
Like most dog breeds the Beagle does suffer from some skin conditions and also arthritis when they get older.
Beagles don't lack anything in intelligence but can be a little stubborn during training sessions.
For this reason it is important to get straight into your Beagle puppy training as early as possible.
Beagles respond best to positive, non violent training methods which are based on consistency, repetition and rewards (food is a great motivator to Beagles!).
You'll find your Beagle puppy to be a capable, enthusiastic training partner and also a quick learner. Another Beagle training issue which needs to be addressed is to train your Beagle to walk nicely on a loose leash.
If you plan to train your Beagle at home I would recommend you follow this comprehensive training program Secrets To Dog Training, Beagle training package. This training course will teach you everything you need to properly raise, care for and train your Beagle. Here at Puppy In Training we were lucky enough to receive some pictures from one of our readers who has a couple brindle Labrador Retrievers.
It’s interesting to see pictures and hear about the unusual color variations in Labs. As you all know I’m working with my current puppy, Derby in hopes that he will someday be a guide dog. About ColbyColby Morita has raised guide and service dog puppies for Guide Dogs of America and Canine Support Teams. I bought a lab a few months back and she has yellow speckles on her front legs and chest, muzzle, and inner thighs. Oh yeah, I hope to hear back from some of my readers on their experiences training their hunting dogs. Wow, glad to see one of my little girls, Tora, making her debut on the web with her sister Maia. When we got Ranger from the North Shore Animal Shelter here on Long Island, we were told two things: he was from Tennessee and he was probably a hound mix. Well, he turned out to be the BEST DOG we’d ever had, and got curious as to his lineage. To the poster who asked if the brindling will remain after the dog is grown, all I can tell you is that Ranger’s coloration did change a bit as he got older.
I totally disagree with Jill (March 7th)- As a Breeder for years, we have never encountered brindling until our latest litter.
On arrival we were shown his mum…a beautiful small framed black lab with a perfectly welcoming temperament. With 2 yellow dots above his eyes, yellow patches coming through on his ears, a patchy muzzle, a big yellow chest, a stripe of blonde on his front legs and the rest yellow and black we recieved all sorts of comments as to the breeding of our new addition.
We have had all sorts of comments relating to his breeding from Alsation, Rotweiler, Border Collie, Hound, Daschund Terrier!?!?! We currently have black lab puppies, and there are a couple with brindle markings and the feet but one that is just covered in the markings.
Just wondering why no one had mentioned that both akc and ukc standards state that a lab cannot be brindled.
To check availability of Urban Puppy School (currently only available in Carindale) click here.
This class will also assist in socialising your puppy to other dogs, people and new things in a safe and secure environment. Unlike some other Puppy Schools, Urban Dog Training ensures that you get the same Intructor throughout your Puppy School Course.
Avoiding common problems such as Jumping Up, Barking, Attention-Seeking, Hyperactivity and Digging are also addressed during this course. Yorkshire Terriers are a magnificent blend of high energy, cheeky terrier personality and affectionate, loving toy dog.
When given proper puppy socialization and Yorkie training they are a wonderful addition to any dog loving household.

Information on how the Yorkie was developed is a bit sketchy but it is most likely that many breeds were crossed in the process. For many people the most outstanding feature of the Yorkie is their beautiful soft silky coat. For the most part Yorkies are bubbly, outgoing and gregarious - they have a typical terrier like temperament and personality. Unfortunately there are many Yorkshire Terrier rescue facilities kept busy because people encounter problems (which are preventable) with their Yorkies.
Yorkshire Terriers are generally healthy, hardy little characters but as with all dog breeds they are not immune to a few problems.
It's important to note that buying your Yorkie from a reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeder can save you much heartache in the future. You'll find that your Yorkie has no trouble learning proper household etiquette and all the basic obedience training commands. If you plan to train your Yorkie at home I'd recommend you follow this comprehensive Yorkshire Terrier training system. Be aware that when you see breeders advertising "Teacup Yorkie Puppy For Sale" or "Miniature Yorkshire Terriers" these are all the same breed. Lego Friends, Animal Care Clinic (41085) has a merry-go-round, a rolling medical station, and grooming area. Lego Friends, Rabbit Mother with Babies (41087) features a rabbit habitat, and two tiny baby rabbits. Lego Friends, Olivia’s Garden Pool (41090) has a floaty, portable stereo, and water slide. Lego Friends, Stephanie’s Pizzeria (41092) comes with a charming brick oven, and a table for two. Lego Friends, Heartlake Hair Salon (41093) comes with a fully furnished hair salon, and two Friends. Lego Friends, Heartlake Lighthouse (41094) is one of the nicest looking Friends sets, and doubles as an ice cream parlor. Until the puppy is 12 weeks, it will want to go to the bathroom after every meal. You should keep an eye open for 15-20 minutes after the puppy has eaten.
These tips are extremely important for people who are searching for information on how to train a puppy. They have a wonderful gentle nature, a real zest for life and are happy, affectionate characters.
You can read more about specific Beagle training tips including Beagle potty training and crate training your Beagle further down this page.
You may occasionally see Beagle breeders advertising "Miniature Beagles" or "Teacup Beagles For Sale" - this is just a smaller version of the same lovely breed.
You can read an article about this here - canine possession aggression (Beagle puppy training certainly helps to prevent this and many other potential behavior problems). The shape of the ears means that they are susceptible to a build up of yeast and other infections. Doing so will ensure that your Beagle puppy establishes good habits right from the start and will prevent many undesirable behaviors from ever developing.
There is no place or reason for harsh "old school" training techniques which rely on intimidation and punishment.
All the basic obedience training commands such as sit, down, stay, fetch, heel and many more are easily mastered by Beagle puppies. If your Beagle is off lead they are often easily distracted and can wander off on a scent trail. If in fact these are pure blood they are highly undesirable for the breed as they do not meet breed standards.
The numerous desirable qualities and adaptability of the Yorkie have seen it become one of the most popular of all dog breeds worldwide - and for good reason. Yorkie owners will tell you that they often switch between the two extremes in the blink of an eye! Their original purpose was to thin out the rats which occupied the coal mines of England - they were highly valued and very skillful in this role.
Breeds such as the Skye Terrier, Waterside Terrier, Maltese, Paisley Terrier, Clydesdale Terrier, Welsh Terrier and The Old English Black and Tan are thought to have been used.
Yorkshire Terrier puppies start out with a black and tan coat which soon develops into a brilliant flowing steely blue. This means that the Yorkshire Terrier puppy socialization and training you provide are the crucial ingredients in determining the temperament and behavior habits of your dog. For this reason they make excellent little watchdogs who will sound the alarm at the slightest disturbance. The two biggest issues seem to be trouble controlling excessive barking and also difficulties with Yorkie potty training. It is great for us to share such a strong bond, but can develop into a problem if separation anxiety occurs when we're away from home. Doing so will give you the best chance of bringing a physically and mentally sound puppy into your household - and hopefully a lifelong friend.
Yorkies spend a lot of time right under your feet and because of their size can be susceptible to broken bones or worse if an accident occurs.
Tasks such as sit, down, stay, come and fetch are all enthusiastically taken to by Yorkies.
You've no doubt read and heard plenty of statements like "Yorkshire Terrier Potty Training is impossible!" or "House Training a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy can't be done!" - this is untrue. It covers everything you need to properly care for and train your Yorkie, including - puppy selection, socialization, house training, crate training, preventing problem behaviors and all the obedience commands. The balloon pieces are very desirable for Lego fans, and the set comes with one of the rare male Friends figures. Feel free to contact us with your MOCs or Custom Minifigures if you would like to see here. Unless you want your house disorganized and lots of bad behavior, proper training is necessary. You must show your immediate disapproval if the puppy goes to the bathroom in the wrong place.

When you see the signs, take the puppy outside and when he goes, be sure to reward the puppy with a treat or praise. You can show him this by imitating a child’s behavior, such as gently bumping onto him while he is eating, rolling toys near him or anything that would cause a distraction while he is eating or sleeping. Training your new dog ensures that your home will be peaceful and your dog will be a well-behaved member of the family. They are the type of dog who the entire family can form a very special and close bond with.
Beagles became highly sought after for their outstanding hunting abilities - they were most commonly used as scent hounds for tracking small game. Beagle puppies are usually born black and white with the other colors coming through over the first few months. Beagles who are left alone and frustrated each day often suffer from separation anxiety which can lead to various destructive behaviors (digging, barking and even self mutilation). Your Beagle breeder also has the crucial task of beginning the puppy socialization process.
They get their nose down to the ground and just go go go with no regard to what they are pulling along behind them! For situations like this you will need to call on the obedience training "come command" (sometimes called recall). Our male dog (Shane) came out of the first litter that his mom had looking like a peanut butter cup, and my son chose him immediately.
He’s been a tremendous, lovable addition to our family, and he is just the best with kids.
This course is designed to set your puppy up with a basic foundation in learning & training and prevent future problems such as fearfulness, aggression and destructive behaviour.
The name "Yorkshire Terrier" was attached to the breed in 1870 - and has continued to grow in popularity ever since.
It's a common sight to see Yorkies strutting about the house full of confidence, with their heads held high. Another bonus is that this coat sheds very little, but does require regular grooming and brushing to keep it in prime condition. Without proper socialization Yorkies can be a little standoffish, suspicious and even snappy towards other dogs and people (the breeder of your Yorkshire Terrier has the important task of beginning this socialization process). I have written an article discussing some techniques you can use to minimize this problem - Separation Anxiety. For this reason Yorkies are probably better suited to families with older children who know how to act appropriately around small dogs. They seem to love the mental stimulation and challenge which obedience training provides - plus it's time spent with you.
Plus it outlines the right foods to feed your Yorkie for optimum health and longevity - it's basically a huge community of dog lovers! House training a puppy can be a time-consuming task, but spending a little time to train your puppy will pay back in the long run by way of a dog that behaves as expected.
When you show your disapproval a few times, the puppy will understand that its act is not accepted by the master anymore.
If you and your family are required to be away from home for hours and hours on end then a Beagle puppy is probably not for you. Regular inspection of the ear every couple of days is required and a clean out when necessary.
Overweight Beagles are much more likely to suffer from a wide range of serious health problems. Hopefully you and your Beagle will be spending a lot of time out and about enjoying a walk so it's a good behavior to work on. This command should be taught early and practiced regularly - it may even save your Beagles life one day. His mom subsequently had another litter, and a female pup came out that looks like our dog’s twin sister. I too have never seen a lab with his colorings and it does not matter to me if her can be registered or not.
If you or any of your family members suffer from any dog related allergies then a Yorkie could be a good choice for you. The fragile frame of Yorkies can also be a problem at off leash dog parks if there is larger boisterous breeds around. This condition can be brought on by stress - things like over handling, change in environment or cold breezy sleeping conditions.
If you follow a proven house training schedule (there's one in the training system below), and stick with it, you will achieve the desired result.
Patience and consistency with your puppy is very important and be sure to reward your puppy when he goes to the bathroom where you want him to.
They have an attractive shiny coat which is thick, of medium length and weatherproof - they do shed! You can find a great Beagle potty training plan in this - comprehensive Beagle training course.
The puppies are 5 weeks now and are showing increasing development of brindle in about half the liter. We didn’t want to breed or show our dog and we thought the brindle markings were really neat. We get a lot of weird looks when we tell people she’s a lab, but her personality and temperament are 100% lab. Anytime we left the house with her, people would stop us and comment on her coloring, and were always surprised to learn she was a lab, even though she had the classic lab shape.

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