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This month we have been chatting to dog behaviourist, trainer and general dog guru, Simon Goodall about puppy training.
If you could give three tips to a puppy owner, on maintaining a relationship with their puppy, what would they be? I think the first one is if you feel like you are about to get angry at your puppy, put it outside or in another room like the laundry and take five minutes to relax. The initial step in crate training a puppy is to make your puppy feel safe and comfortable inside the crate.
This entry was posted in Dog Training and tagged Dog Training, How to Crate Train a Puppy, Train a Puppy on September 8, 2011 by Flores. No question, house training a puppy is the frequent topic within the newly dog owners’s circle. I suggest you to bring him outside every hour and supervise him until he produces and praise after the success. Furthermore, when house training a puppy, you should pay close attention to his inside behavior. Please, don’t forget to clean its bed with an effective detergent, which suppresses the smell of the pee. I mean by this that a puppy that educated to do its business by using newspaper or pad inside is convinced that’s the proper spot for that purpose indoor. I talked with people before using the pad, and know that they find it cranky thing in house training a puppy. I use to remain with my pet outdoor, waiting for the product and support the pooch with gentle toilet command. I also recommend not punishing  the pooch if an accident occurs during house training a puppy.

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As your puppy gets older you learn how to walk them on leads, you learn some techniques for that. Even though it’s licking and biting and jumping around, there is light at the end of the tunnel, your pet will get there eventually.
When he starts to sniff continuously and circling, immediately bring him outdoor, don’t wait until he crouches, that will be too late.
And, be patient, certain time will be passed until your young animal is reliable in this respect. Due to the advice of my hubby’s colleague, we apply training pad, and she goes there to pee. And I know that who has a problem and wants to solve it will try any advice if it works or not. After a while they focus only taking their pet outside frequently following sleeping, playing, feeding or drinking.
He was writing nearly 400 articles, reports so far about how to live with your dogs harmoniously. Living with dogs more than six decades, I share my experiences here thinking you'll benefit from. Then they get a little older still and you teach them hand signals, how to handle different people, just things like that. We all do this by continuing to keep the crate inside a convenient location in the home, so even inside the crate your puppy are able to see and listen to people. The problem is she does poo inside too, and if that is not enough, she eats her product, too.

They might believe within their mind that every stuff made from material like the pad – furnishing, carpet, rug, etc. That way, your pet will not smell the scent and doesn’t feel the urge to relieve herself there again. If you teach your puppy how to behave early on, by the time it hits nine months you’ll have a very pleasant dog to be around.
By the time you hit eight months they’re well rehearsed in what they should be doing and they are actually enjoying themselves! It may take a few weeks for a puppy to learn what hop off means, but don’t just tell it ‘no, no, no’ because it won’t learn.
Sadly, not starting training early enough is the reason why a lot of dogs are given away at the nine to twelve month stage because without the right training, this is when they can start to become big problems.
When you are getting a place to put the crate,  make sure that your puppy can easily see as much of the area as possible. That’s why I am glad getting related questions because an opportunity arises for me to help the non-experienced dog owners.
Make sure that they have enough room to become comfortable with their new surrounding, but not so big that they’ll play one end with the crate as a bathroom and sleep at the opposite end.

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