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The Family Seat is an adult seat with a detachable potty training seat for young children, an in built magnet in the lid holds the potty training seat in place until released. The good news is by using these packs you can get rid of the nappies cheaper then what the actual nappies are costing you! The research goes on to say  the "Window of Opportunity" to start toilet training with your child is 18-24mths, and that late toilet training - over two years of age - is resulting in harmful effects on our children - hiding while pooing, wanting the nappy on to poo, refusal to poo on the toilet, urge incontinence, longer bed-wetting, and the list goes on. Children going to school in nappies is becoming an epidemic - they are five years old plus! Personality: If you have a cautious personality child I would definitely say skip the potty and go straight to the toilet. I hear it all the time, parents spend hundreds on multiple toilet seat inserts hoping the next one will be better, when just one investment in your Lupi Lu will save you the time, money and frustration.

Do yourself and your child a favour and just follow a proven system that will give you these results.
Using our no pressure methods, your child will actually want to use the toilet, regardless of any failed attempts in the past.
Take a look at our Help Centre - Best Tools To Use - to get some great info that can save you so much money and delay. Purchase our fantastic book Early-Start Potty Training and change your life and your baby's. This window of opportunity according to the experts is closing at 24 months (Dr Ravenel), the window closes at 27 months (according to Dr Blum).
Introduce your baby early to the potty and your child will recognise the potty just like they do a bathtub, a high chair, or a car seat.

Either way they are going to go, one is just more pleasurable than the other.  So you need to decide, do I want to NAPPY TRAIN my child or TOILET TRAIN them?
Not only is this great for your weekly bank account, it is really the only successful way to achieve toilet training quickly, and with our unique "Bullet Proof Boy Pack" and "Girls Just wanna have fun pack", it will happen that much quicker!  Toilet train by age 2 and have early retirement of nappies.

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