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Flip the potty trainer down for children to use and flip the trainer up for adults to use the normal seat. Features of the Flip n Flush Toilet Potty Seat include: Easily and semi-permanently attaches to your adult toilet seat.
The Flip-N-Flush is now available for standard round toilet seats, as well as in elongated.
To determine if your toilet is round-front or elongated, measure the distance between the center of the bolt holes (which connects the seat to the bowl) to the front rim of the toilet. Separate Flip n Flush seat from it's hinge bracket by snapping the seat mounting arms ot of the hinges.

Raise existing toilet seat up with one hand while sliding the Flip n Flush hinge bracket under anchor bolts.
If you were looking to bring a little bit of the ocean to your home but didn't want one of those cushy soft seats, then this is the seat for you! It was possible to put install the flip n flush with the padded seat--though NOT recommended--but it was a little too thick and the base of the flip n flush cut little dents into the padded seat.
The chrome hinges add a classic touch to this seat which is made of a clear poly-resin material and beautifully adorned with seashells and starfish, accented with the colors of the seaweed and topped off with the beauty of a seahorse.
However, if you are interested in a different style, please check out all of our Potty Seats!

Putting the actual seat onto the bracket once the bracket was installed was kind of tough, but I got it on there.

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