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For pregnant ladies, especially those with low-risk, and least complications, midwives offer an excellent alternative.
If you have not as yet, this is perhaps the right time with the nerve-wrecking figures of as many as 1,000 unborn babies found to be dying each year because of the midwives! Unfortunately, Britain records the worst in stillbirth-percentage, especially in Western Europe.
With the soaring stillborn percentage in the UK, it is high time the medical staff take action during pregnancy. Hope, this would eventually save a quarter of the 4,000 stillbirths that take place in the UK annually.
Laid to rest: Fusilier James Wilkinson's coffin is carried into the church, draped in a Union jack flag.

He was buried at the St Thomas and St John Church in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, yesterday.
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The choices of pregnant women living in the United States still have traditionally been limited to an obstetrician or a knowledgeable family doctor.

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