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A group of apprentices has been recruited in partnership with Transport for London to maintain the Epping Ongar Railway heritage line and as work continues towards providing passengers with a connection to the London Underground. The group, which started work on 9th January 2012, has been employed by Manchester-based Vital Rail, which has set itself an ambitious target to recruit and train 270 apprentices across the UK by June 2012.
Each of the 270 apprentices will complete an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Rail Engineering with Vital Skills Training – a qualification for those who want to work in the rail transport industry that combines theoretical work with hands-one training in a realistic work environment, leading to a Level 2 NVQ.
Part of Vital Services Group, Vital Skills Training is one of the largest suppliers of training services for the rail, energy, mechanical & electrical and construction sectors and the success of current projects has prompted the company to invest further in Apprenticeships.
In Manchester, 50 young people will complete an Apprenticeship, as will a group of 24 apprentices who will work on a project in Staffordshire to restore part of the Foxfield heritage railway at Stoke-on-Trent. Lawrence Dobie, operations manager at Vital Skills Training, explains why the company has set itself such an ambitious target: “The rail industry needs an injection of fresh, young talent in order to prepare for forthcoming major infrastructure projects, such as HS2,” he said. Chris Marsack, Infrastructure Manager at Epping Ongar Railway, added: “We are pleased to welcome Vital and the apprentices to Epping Ongar Railway on this ‘win-win’ project.

The TRX system is very versatile for everyone: young, old, pro-athlete, recreational athlete, bodybuilder – no matter what your goals are or what your fitness level is, TRX is for you! Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, David Beckham, Actor Chris Evans (Captain America), Sir Richard Branson, Liverpool Football Club, Manchester City Football Club, The United States Department of Defence, UK Army in Afghanistan amongst just a few. Saturday ‘Getting Started’ sessions from 12.00 are available on request and must be booked in advance. Vital Fitness Centres offer a group TRX Circuit Boot Camp that meet Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:15pm, each course lasts for 6 weeks. Finished your rugby season and perhaps looking to benefit from training together or perhaps a group of ladies looking to get into that little black dress or sculpt that beach body? This short is meant for pushing your limits at the gym and works well for relaxing afterwards as well.
Join in the TRX Suspension phenomenon and discover the complete cross-training component to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Get started in one of our group classes or with a personal trainer and take your physique to the next level!
This 30 minute intro session will walk you through how to set up and use the TRX®, the best ways to adjust resistance and stability, give you easy to follow tips for progressing and an overview of the basic set of foundation exercises.
Call to check when the next Boot Camp starts but remember to sign up early as these classes are limited in size!

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