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The disposable potty training chair is made of 100 percent cardboard and is watertight, as well as very eco-friendly! Some people use it at home and all about while others keep one in the car or diaper bag in case of emergencies. We also offer some other potty training chairs that help potty training be more convenient!
What to do?This On the Go Potty - Travel Potty Chair is the answer for when there isn?t a bathroom in sight. The all new The Disposable Travel Potty by Potty Patty is collapsible, portable, light weight and biodegradable - so it is really great for the environment.

It is a very portable potty chair with foldable legs so that you can set it up easily set it up.
We also carry a large empty coffee can to put the used trash sacks in to seal off the smell until we can find a trash can. Liners are expensive because H&S but I created a way go develop my own liners, I got white bags, same size as liners and add a feminine pad at the end, it works great! It is really useful when you begin the potty training process because you always have a potty chair wherever you are. I just found small trash bags and those are working okay for us! A must-have if you have a toddler (Sep 27, 2011) Reviewer: Janet We bought several of these for our 3-year-old granddaughter.

The only problem I have encountered is finding the replacement liners when I need them at the local r store. LOVE THIS!!!

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