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We travel back to the year 1495 and visit the mercenary camp of the Willensstark Fahnlein, one of northern Minnesota's premier fifteenth-century historical societies.
Today's miniatures are made from a variety of alloys with low melting temperatures that are easy to use at home. We take you to meet the talented creator of phenomenal renaissance hats for noblewomen and crowns fit for a queen. It's a question that many a fairegoer has contemplated while visiting the ubiquitous porta potty: how did medieval and renaissane people ope before septic systems and toilet paper? Many readers of Renaissance Magazine know Christopher as Christophe the Insultor, a popular figure on the renaissance faire circuit. While medieval and renaissance gardens were often created as a display of wealth, the medieval flowery mead was designed to be a place to relax, talk quietly, and to court one's love interest.

Underwater World is a family-friendly interactive oceanarium offering guests an opportunity to engage with sharks, manta rays, sea dragons, and more. Tiger Sky Tower reveals sweeping panoramic views of Singapore from Asia’s tallest free standing observation point.
Watch Sentosa’s award-winning outdoor night show, Wings of Time, against the backdrop of the open sea.
Dive into adventures at the family-friendly interactive oceanarium, offering guests the opportunity to engage with sharks, manta rays, sea dragons, sea angels, and fossil-like creatures of the sea since 1991. Whether your preference is the Three Musketeers, Crusades, dragons, wizards, orcs, elves, or just about any other era or milieu, we'll show you how to make great figures.
Goyer about the upcoming STARZ network series and its unique characterization of Leonardo, its historical spin, how darkness and light come into play, and the journey upon which this dashing, conflicted hero embarks.

We reveal that when pre-modern people used the facilities, those facilities were often more sophistiated than we give them credit for. Catch a glimpse of the ethereal pink dolphins as they play and perform tricks at the Dolphin Lagoon along with other species of dolphins and fur seals. Then trade in aquatic plunges for skyscraping exploits at the Tiger Sky Tower, where the continent’s loftiest free observation deck revolves for a 360 view of Sentosa, soaring 131m atop sea level. End the day at Wings of Time, where a display of lasers, water fountains, and fire effects pulsate with the music and storyline of Shahbaz – a mythical bird – and its friends, set against the backdrop of the open sea.

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