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SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium When we visited Phoenix a few months ago, we spent an afternoon at the SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium in Tempe (located east of Phoenix).
When traveling solo with your kids, bring a Letter of Permission  I recently traveled alone to California with our two boys. Do you want to work together?Are you interested in having us promote your travel related products or services on this website?
Baby Travel Tip: Katie says she packages separate Ziploc bags with everything she will need to feed her little ones, including food, a spoon and a wet wipe.
We traced the shape of her existing diaper mat and borrowed the fold lines, making a paper bag pattern.
Step 6: With your materials sandwich, practice using the fold lines you sewed earlier and determine where you want your outer velcro to go.
Step 9: Place the flap into position on the changing mat, close enough to the edge so that flap binding actually overlaps mat binding.
Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [16 Mar 01:00am GMT]. I attempted attaching vinyl to fabric like this when I made this round changing pad using another pattern. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Earlier today, I posted diaper bag necessities and baby gear suggestions for traveling on an airplane with your baby.
Sometimes your baby will be an angel - he'll sleep, coo, relax, hang out and generally make your life a dream. I’m so excited that Melissa has asked me to share this tutorial for readers of The Polkadot Chair.

Craft Buds is a brand-new collaboration with my friend and fellow craft devotee, Mary, where we hope to bridge the gap between crafting for pleasure and the business of handmade.
That way, she can reach down with one hand and just get everything she needs, instead of digging in the carry-on. A frequent traveler, she also wanted something that she could pull out in a public restroom and not worry about getting the fabric dirty on the back side, like most cute changing pads are prone to. You will later stitch along these lines on solid (light blue) layer to make the mat easier to fold.
This is a great way to keep everything smooth when your fingers can’t get that close. Fold up and stow away in your purse or diaper bag for a lightweight, totally portable changing mat that you won’t mind getting dirty. My sister is having triplets and these would come in handy!Also, I’ll go check out Lindsey Sews & Craft Buds asap!
If you would like to feature my work, you may use ONE (1) NON-COLLAGED image and must link back to my original blog post.
I hope it gets you all in the mood for a little travel and exploring (even if you have little ones in tow)! Not only does she have two kids in diapers, but she was getting ready to take them on a 9-hour flight across the Pacific. Velcro will be positioned on the center square (see photo, above) of the solid side of your changing mat. Two large paperclips seem to be the perfect tools for dragging along an inch at a time to smooth the binding and secure the layers. Assemple flap into the same type of materials sandwich you created earlier (see step 5) and secure edges with paperclips while you attach binding.

With a heavy duty needle and thinner-gauge vinyl might work if you are worried about feeding through your machine.
If you're new here, click on the "PROJECT INDEX" link above to find projects and ideas that you will love. One day, I sailed through security with a diaper bag, carry-on that included a laptop, a stroller and a car seat.
Do what you can to comfort him, obviously, but also realize that as with other situations, there are times your baby is going to cry.
A nice fellow-mom who was traveling alone approached me on the other side and said, "I was going to run up and help you, but by the time I got there, you'd made it through! Fellow passengers who do their best to make you feel bad either don't have kids, forgot what it was like to have kids or are just plain intolerant.
On a particularly bumpy and long late night flight, my son (finally) fell asleep in my lap.
The more you allow the stares and comments to affect you, the harder the flight is going to be for you. He was passed out cold in my arms, it was impossible for me to get the Ergo back on and secure him in it, I had several lose items in the seat next to me (I failed to notice them before landing, as did the flight attendants), a carry on, a car seat AND a stroller waiting for me at at the gate. To help your baby clear his ears and avoid the pressure and resulting pain, either nurse him or feed him a bottle during take off and landing.
In the middle of my mini mental breakdown, an incredibly kind flight attendant approached me and said, "Okay, what am I carrying for you?" I'm normally the gal who turns down help, but this time I gladly accepted it and thanked her profusely.

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