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After you feed Baby Dora her sippy cup, she will let you know shea€™s ready to use the potty like a big girl!
Includes potty, sippy cup and a link to online storybook about Baby Doraa€™s potty adventure!Includes 2 a€?AAa€? (R6 batteries).

However, to really make it work for training, I suggest a few product updates: 1) it could use an extra pair or two of underwear so that if Dora has a pretend accident, we can pretend to get her a new pair- if you somehow lose or damage the pair she has it loses much of its value, 2) there are holes in the bottom of the toilet, I wanted to mock a potty in the little toilet to show my daughter how she went in the potty, but had to use a glue gun to fill in the holes. 3) my 2.5yo toddler had trouble getting her to balance on the play potty, there should be some sort of update to make it easier for little hands to get the doll to sit without tipping over as much.

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