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You insert your slice of bread, push the button and a few minutes later your toast pops out.
The entire process is simple, intuitive and practically fail proof yet a toaster still comes with an instruction manual including explicit instructions on how to use the appliance, troubleshooting tips and detailed explanations. On the other hand, a baby comes into the world with no instructions, no troubleshooting tips and no manual.
We prepare for weeks before we give birth so that we can be prepared for the birth of our child.

The entire process takes a few hours (for some more and for some less) but although it seems like forever it certainly isn’t as long as the process of raising children. I don’t know about you but I have given birth three times and the very last thing I could remember at the time was what I was supposed to be doing. Why is it that we prepare ourselves so well for an experience that lasts a few hours but not for one that lasts a lifetime?Parenting is a huge responsibility with consequences often beyond our control.I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a perfect parent. Some people are better parents than others but even they make small mistakes here and there.

This program includes 18 tips – one per day – that might help you improve your parenting skills and make your family life calmer and more enjoyable.
All you have to lose are those irritating moments when you don’t enjoy being with your kids as much as you actually could.This 18 day parenting program includes many practical ways to be a better parent one day at a time.

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