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Hanako San is a Japanese urban legend about the ghost of a young girl that’s supposed to haunt school toilets, opening and closing doors and scaring anyone who enters the bathroom, knocks on her stall, and calls her name. Hanako, the ghost in the toilet almost achieved the status of a national phenomena in Japanese legend 20 years ago, when a wave of stories of ghost-sightings swept through the nation’s school yards. This is similar to the legend of Kashima Reiko, a female ghost without legs who also lives in school bathrooms.
Yet another version features Aoi Manto or Aka Manto, a male ghost who waits in the last stall in the girls’ bathroom. All these toilet stories about all school toilets being haunted, i read a story about ” the curse of the 3rd bathroom stall” and on wednesday i got stuck in the 3rd toilet stall so my bff had to struggle under the cubicle walls and try to pull the door open but we both got stuck but my other bff had to kick the door while my other bff pulled the lock and the door burst open! Red paper or blue paper response: Can’t you ask me this in the class room,aka-manto sempi? Supremely amazing and majestically breathtaking, this Urban Fixed Toilet Roll Holder, will keep your bathroom radiantly glittering with its impeccably practical look and surprisingly elegant functionality will please you for years to come.
Elias, primarily a painter and illustrator, carves tiny scenes out of the inside of each brown paper roll, leaving the outside intact.

The artist photographs the tubes being slowly turned toward the camera at an angle, so that just one tiny part of the sculpture is revealed at a time. Amsterdam-based artist Ingrid Siliakus cuts and folds sheets of paper into dazzlingly detailed three-dimensional buildings and cities.
Sculptor Peter Gentenaar fills a stunning, vaulted-ceiling Gothic cathedral in France with over 100 of his delicate paper flower sculptures. The stories, of course, are many and varied but every schoolchild in Japan, at one time or another, has stood in dread and anticipation as he or she ventured into the school toilet alone.
If a person wanted to do something that would either end up in your back getting slashed, or hanged, and someone really needed to do their business, where do u think they would besides the toilet? Well, actually i like the white paper but then you’d probably be drained of all your blood, and purple might strangle you.
Made from high quality brass with a durable zinc alloy base, this chrome finished is backed by a full 12 month guarantee by its maker. Although regular maintenance will prolong the original appearance, this will not guarantee that the finish will remain unchanged over time.

It’s just a piece of cardboard, destined for the recycling bin, a carrier for a necessary but unremarkable household supply.
The layering of each individual element gives each scene texture and depth that is revealed by the light that shines through, highlighting some figures and leaving others in shadow. The subjects are engaged in everyday activities like relaxing at home, listening to a lecture or passing through a street market – perhaps a deliberate reference to the domestic nature of the artist’s chosen medium.
Lol, and what is it with bathrooms and ghosts, I mean, thats where bloody mary used to live, in OUR school bathroom.
From what I could understand it seems that the situation steems from a young girl who had been locked inside a tiny cottage with other people who seemed to be suffering some disease (or whatever it was) that caused their deaths, then a man came and set the cottage on fire while the girl begged to be left out (this was in old Japan period). But perhaps it’s the very banality of this material that gives Anastassia Elias’ tiny, delicate sculptures such surprising vitality.

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