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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Minals Mark Stop Barking Dog Collar Training Collar To Enable Dog Training For Dogs Barking To Stop. Features:Dog Collar also a pet training shock collars for dogs, that will help dogs barking stop. When that card boarded boring Amazon box comes through the mail drop, rive it open at the first possibility.
It's proven - well it's well known that no one likes a noisy dog, a dog who barks all the time, with this collar you aren't getting any of that .
If you are looking for a tried and true Electric Dog Training Collar look no further, I have been professionally training dogs with an electric collar since January of 200o, I have been using the Tri-Tronics SPORTBASIC  G3 series systems exclusively.

Moreover this collar is pet friendly and it shocks the dog in the most humane way possible, as we all love our dogs- we don't want them getting hurt! Here at Minals Mark we package our dog products within gorgoeus gift boxes alongside a free beautiful leash and ID tag so your dogs can be safe, identified and treated with the best possible care!Proven to work on mad barking dogs! I use this E-Collar in training in Advanced Training for clients who want their dogs to be 100% off leash.
Now the serious stuff- sound warning first time the dog barks and progresses sound if dog continues barking then GENTLE vibration to remind the dog this stimuli will set off again, if our lovely furry friend does not stop barking! Now open the box, clutch the collar and free leash and ID tag and put it on your dog, i know they love it as much as you do!
With this collar- its an immediate deterrent - starting gently and progressing gently until the barking stops .

Check us out at Whispering Oaks Kennels, we have trained dogs for families and individuals through out the southeast. Medically proven by vets, approaching a dog in a sudden way frightens dogs, Minals Mark have made this product in such a way that the dog is introduced to the beeping gently yet effectively.

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