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The last time you worried about UTI or a Urinary Tract Infection would have been when you were pregnant and your gynecologist told you that statistically you were more susceptible to catch a UTI. UTI as such can be easily treated; but if left untreated, it can lead to other serious problems, which is why it is absolutely essential you identify it in your kid sooner than later.
In normal conditions,your baby’s urinary tract is infection-free and the urine is germ-free.
In rare cases, however, bacteria in blood might also enter the urinary tract through kidneys. In addition to these, UTI can also be caused by some structural problems in your baby’s urinary tract, such as Vesicoureteral Reflux (this is mostly a birth defect that causes urine to flow back up the ureters into the kidneys) or blockages in the tract. In toddlers, UTI is especially difficult to detect as in most cases fever is the only symptom. When it comes to infants and toddlers, the best way would be to change the diapers frequently.
There are other ways to collect a clean sample of urine – such as using a catheter or direct needle extraction – both of these are not commonly employed. Once the treatment begins, the symptoms, if any, would start disappearing very fast and your kid would be infection-free in a week.
Recurrences or repeat infections can also be prevented by following the recommendations mentioned above.

Since medically treatment for UTIs should not be delayed, call the doctor if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned in the previous section, especially fever with chills, lower abdominal pain and unusual-looking urine. Whether you went through it or not, it does sound like a scary thing for your kid to get, especially since it is not so uncommon – about 8% of girls and 2% of boys can get it before they turn 5. A urinary tract infection left untreated can even cause a kidney damage in kids less than 6 years of age.
The infection in ureters and kidneys is less common and more serious – it is called pyelonephritis.
While bacteria is the predominant cause of UTI, there have been few instances of virus causing UTI as well.
A poor toilet hygiene, or a family history of UTI’s also make children more susceptible to developing urinary tract infections. This is why doctors normally ask for a urine culture when your toddler has persistent fever.
This is when the child has high fever or dehydration or if a kidney infection is suspected.
However, it is very important to complete the course of the antibiotics prescribed, even if the child gets better in few days. There are a large number of bacteria present in the large intestine and consequently in your baby’s stool.

Whether infants or toddlers, everyone must be told to wipe from front to rear, and never from rear to front after defecating. This is because, if more than one bacteria is present, it would be difficult to identify the one that is causing the UTI as opposed to the ones that entered the sample from skin. Also, tell your kids not to hold the urge to pee as this gives more time to bacteria to spread and multiply.
For this reason, make sure to wipe the baby’s genital area clean before collecting the sample.
At times, these bacteria enter the urinary tract through urethra and reach the bladder where it multiplies. This causes the infection in most cases.This is why UTI is more common in girls – their urethra is shorter in length and closer to anus.

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