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Bright colors, different textures to explore, the perfect infant "lovey" for a new boy! Baby's First Dolly - MulticulturalSuper-soft all cloth and fiberfill pillow doll, perfect first doll for your little girl!
Lil Hugs Multicultural Baby DollSafe for newborns, Lil Hugs has one of the prettiest faces you've ever seen! Nighty-Night Soft Biracial or Hispanic Girl DollA soft and cuddly Biracial or Hispanic girl doll in her sleeper; a perfect bedtime companion!

With the help of Walmart, the past couple of years we’ve been able to help give back as well. We found a variety of toys that the boys thought would make great gifts for both boys and girls. I would like to encourage all of you to give a little this holiday season whether it be through Fill the Truck at Walmart or in another way. A southern belle turned beauty and lifestyle blogger living in a chaotic household of all boys trying to find the beauty in domestic life.

This beauty obsessed DIYer loves to share her favorite southern recipes, easy craft projects, and how to tips to getting a high-end makeup look on a drugstore budget.

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