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Prita Uppal is the founder and CEO of YooMee Games, a social competition platform that brings tournaments and cash prizes to skill-based games across websites, social networks and mobile apps. More than 18,000 interactive gaming industry pros came to San Francisco for the Game Developers’ Conference this week, an annual event that draws programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and anyone else involved in the development of interactive games.
At GDC in past years, hardcore gamers have been reluctant to accept social games into the fold, but this year there’s no denying it. We’ve been playing games on our mobile phones for years, but for the first time in GDC’s 25-year history, this year’s agenda included a dedicated Smartphone Summit.
Two years ago, OnLive introduced its pioneering cloud gaming service at GDC, giving players the ability to play console-quality games streamed from the cloud. Just yesterday, we shared a photo that gave us a look at Edward (Robert Pattinson), Bella (Kristen Stewart) and their new daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy).
Entertainment Weekly appears to be set to showcase the second part of the feature adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn in their next issue. And this one reflects the darker side of the story, which comes in the form of the sinister Volturi. EW has a number of other photos in their slideshow that you can check out here, some of which include a look at some of the other vampires, and one that has Bella arm wrestling with Emmett.
Wyre keeps dropping this massive collaborations and it wont be long before he completeley dominates the airwaves.

Social games are the fastest growing segment of the gaming market with revenues projected to exceed $1 billion in 2011, and they are here to stay. From there, the company recruited GDC attendees to participate in a battle between good and evil, using the actual streets of San Francisco as a digital battleground.
Since then, companies such as Otoy and Gaikai have joined the fold, but all three have focused on high-end games streamed to TV, computers and micro-consoles. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. There were hints that more glimpses at the Cullen family might be on the way and sure enough, a bunch of new photos from the movie have made their way online. As you'll see below, Edward, Bella and their daughter Renesmee are on the cover of the June 22 issue.
Those who've read the book (or surmised from the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1) know that Jacob plays a key role in Renesmee's life, so it's no surprise that he's shown smiling here in this photo.
In the book, Renesmee is still a baby when Bella wakes up, but it's possible the movie will fast-forward Renesmee's aging even more rather than feature a different version of her in every scene. Here we see Dakota Fanning as the pain-inducing Jane and Cameron Bright as her twin brother Alec. There’s more to social games than harvesting crops, and the future looks full of innovation and opportunity for developers and players alike.

Classic MMO games can be so resource-intensive, it seems unlikely that they could work on a handheld device. This week, Spoon introduced a cloud-based gaming service that brings the OnLive streaming model to casual games, allowing download-free access to popular arcade titles. And unlike the photo we shared yesterday, which had Bella standing protectively in front of Renesmee, blocking most of her from view, this one gives us a good look at the gorgeous, rapidly aging half-vampire child. Cloud gaming renders users' computer speeds irrelevant and makes console quality graphics possible on slow internet connections.
That means we can finally start seeing something a little more impressive than the overhead view and grid-based landscapes currently popular with most social game designers.Few industries have been impacted by the staggering innovation of the web as much as the gaming industry. One of the big challenges for designers in the coming year will be translating classic MMO features to mobile while balancing a whole new set of user needs, like shorter gameplay sessions.
And despite Wall Street’s concern over rapidly declining console sales, the industry is perhaps as healthy as it’s been in years, buoyed by its ability to adapt to a more social, mobile and on-demand world. Coupled with the industry’s leadership in the development and implementation of new monetization methods, the games industry is poised for continued success.

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