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The epic re-watch begins here, where it all started, with the very first episode of Doctor Who, titled An Unearthly Child. This four-part serial was broadcast from November 23 to December 14, 1963 (before I even existed!).
Together with the eerie theme song, the visuals must have signaled the audience to expect something weird, strange, otherworldly–and unlike any other show then on the BBC. We then shift to meet Susan herself, who is listening to zippy ’60s tunes on a transistor radio.
The teachers follow Susan home after school and trace her to the junkyard we saw at the beginning.
We then meet the Doctor (not yet named), who tries to bluff Ian and Barbara away from the police box, from which the two teachers heard Susan’s voice come. The Doctor tells Susan that he knew something like this would happen, that if they remained in one place for too long this would occur.
When queried about how the police box can be larger on the inside than the outside, the Doctor compares it to portraying a large building on a television screen–the latter being something that can exist in a much smaller house. We then get a glimpse of abstract graphics that mirror the opening credits and foreshadow the later time vortex.
The original idea for Doctor Who is that it would be a series that shifted between the past and the future, with Ian (the science teacher) serving as a guide to the future and Barbara (the history teacher) serving as a guide to the past.
Having begun the series with an episode that contained a lot of world-building of a futuristic nature, we now shift to the past.
Unfortunately, we also run into a problem that is characteristic of many of the early Doctor Whoserials, where the plot slows down to a dramatic (or, rather, un-dramatic) degree. The Doctor further comments on the fact that the TARDIS still appears as a police box and has not changed.
The fact he has matches and is able to light his pipe and make fire come from his fingertips massively impresses the cavemen. At this point, the Doctor and companions get embroiled in inter-tribal, fire-making politics, with lots of being captured, being let go, running around in the jungle, being menaced by animals and cavepeople, etc. On the other hand, there is a bit of character development, as both Ian and Barbara challenge the Doctor when deciding what to do at various junctures, and he defends himself, revealing that there is some truth both in his point of view and in that of the companions. They land on a strange planet that will introduce them to their first futuristic adventure.
The first ever televised Doctor Who serial was produced under the title 100,000 BC, but later marketed under the name of its first episode, An Unearthly Child. This adventure also introduced the Doctor's TARDIS, which in spite of it usually possessing the ability to change its outward appearance (having already previously disguised as an Ionic column and as a sedan chair), was stuck in its most recognisable form of a police box after leaving London in 1963. Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, two humble teachers during 1963, are surprised by a bright student named Susan Foreman. When the teachers refuse to leave, they discover that an ordinary police box is actually bigger on the inside.
Susan and her grandfather, who calls himself simply the Doctor, say the police box is actually a disguise for their space-time ship, the TARDIS. Back at the TARDIS, Ian and Barbara regain consciousness to find the Doctor and Susan puzzling over readings displayed on the TARDIS' main console. The four travellers are sealed in the tribe's Cave of Skulls with the bones of many prisoners. Still in the Cave of Skulls, Ian, Barbara, and Susan try to escape; however the Doctor seems disconsolate and unhelpful. Inside the Cave of Skulls, the Doctor and the others are trying to free Ian so he can defend them if needed.
Hur wakes Za and calls him out of the cave to inform him that the elder took his knife and headed out of the cave. However, the elder is using the knife to free the four, whilst outside Za and Hur try to move the stone. In the Cave of Skulls, Ian makes fire for Za, using friction for a spark, hoping this gift will convince the tribe to set them free.
After going out hunting, Za decrees that the travellers will merge with his tribe rather than leave and orders them confined to the cave indefinitely. The Doctor explains that he has no idea where or when they will end up next because the TARDIS is not displaying any data to help him direct the ship.

Both are floored by the amazing knowledge Susan displays, coupled with her stunning ignorance on other matters.
Susan objects and is even willing to leave her grandfather to stay with Ian and Barbara in 20th century England, but an accident occurs and we hear the soon-to-be familiar wheezing of the TARDIS as the time rotor on its central console moves up and down. He finds this very disturbing, indicating that the malfunction in its ability to change form has occurred very recently.
She further says that it has been a column and a sedan chair but it hasn’t happened this time, indicating that this is its first malfunction concerning shape.
This presents both the Doctor and the companions has having limitations and as having something to bring to the table. It marked the official television debut appearance of the Doctor, and the beginning of the Doctor Who franchise in general. Feeling inquisitive of her upbringing, they seek out her residence to learn who nurtured such a genius.
The Doctor decides they know too much about his and Susan's otherworldly origins and takes them on a journey across space and time in his TARDIS, the place he and Susan now call home.
History teacher Barbara Wright and science teacher Ian Chesterton compare notes on an enigmatic student, Susan Foreman. Za is the son of the tribe's previous leader, who never taught his son the secret of making fire. He says he can create fire for the whole tribe without any need for killing, but he soon realises he has lost his matches. Ian shouts at him, prompting the Doctor to suggest that they use the bones of the dead to cut the ropes that bind their hands and legs. At first, the tribe is hostile to Za and his friends, especially when they accuse him of killing the tribal elder, but the Doctor convinces the tribe that Kal killed Old Mother by tricking Kal into showing the tribe his bloody knife. The four try to think of a means of escape; absentmindedly, Susan places a skull in a flame. In time, the scanner shows their new destination, a mysterious jungle with strange-looking trees. He proposes an official LEGO set featuring the TARDIS, the junkyard from the episode, and four minifigures: the Doctor, Susan, Ian, and Barbara. The elements of the pattern have a rounded, organic quality, a bit like the blobs in a lava lamp, though that is clearly not what they are. The story starred the character's original incarnation, the First Doctor, as well as his granddaughter Susan Foreman. There, they discover a junkyard inhabited by her grandfather, simply known as "the Doctor", and he doesn't want them lurking about. Her knowledge of history and science surpasses the rest of the class and possibly the teachers.
Despite Susan's protests, the Doctor prepares the TARDIS for takeoff, saying he must kidnap Ian and Barbara to protect Susan and himself. As Za futilely tries to make fire, a female tribe elder throws scorn on Za's abilities and states that Kal, a stranger from another tribe, would be a far better leader.
When he tells the tribe he will need to go back to the TARDIS before they get fire, Za mocks Kal, saying his promise of "an old man who can make fire" was lies. Hur believes the elder is afraid of fire, so she will kill the four to prevent the tribe from learning the secret. The Doctor tries to stop Susan from going, insinuating that he would leave Ian and Barbara behind. Before they go out to explore the planet, the Doctor asks Susan to check the radiation levels.
Kimberly Wookey from Terrace, British Columbia in Canada first captured the alien sound in June 2013, and since then she has managed to capture several recordings of the noise with her most recent being on May 7 this year.
However this effect was produced, it must have made a striking effect on the original, British viewing audience. Amid the junk, we see a battered, disused police box, though we don’t yet know its significance. It also introduced Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, who became the Doctor's first companions, though unwillingly whisked away on the Doctor's TARDIS. However, she has very curious gaps about present-day culture — for example, she forgets that England has yet to adopt a decimal currency.

Kal tells the tribe that he saw the Doctor make fire and he should be leader of the tribe now, that the Doctor had immense strength and fighting prowess.
Hur convinces Za that the only way he will retain the tribe's leadership is by capturing the Doctor and harnessing the fire.
He returns to the tribe to inform them that it was Za who let the Doctor free so he could keep fire to himself. The recovered Za is again declared leader, but instead of expressing his gratitude by freeing the travellers as the Doctor expected, he orders them returned to the Cave of Skulls where he will either learn the secret of fire from them or sacrifice them to Orb. At the end of the fourth episode, "The Firemaker", the jungles of the recurring alien world of Skaro (not named in this story) were briefly seen, before its first full appearance in the following serial.
Barbara has encouraged her to specialise in history, but Susan is resistant to her suggestion about in-home tutoring, saying her grandfather, with whom she lives, doesn't like strangers. Hur, a young cavewoman, tries to pacify him but also warns him that if he loses his position as the leader of the tribe he will lose her; her father is intent on her bearing children for the leader.
Za scorns and mocks Kal, but Horg states that Kal is doing far more for the tribe than Za and if his captive can create fire, Kal should be made leader. Finally, Za gains the upper hand, chokes Kal in a headlock, and knocks him to the cave floor.
This ghoulish vision distracts the cave dwellers, allowing the travellers to escape into the forest.
As the four leave the console room to clean themselves, the radiation detector's needle passes into the "Danger" zone. The Doctor professes confusion as to why the TARDIS has retained the shape of a police box. Za says the Doctor should be taken to the Cave of Skulls and sacrificed so Orb will return. Kal is on the verge of killing him when Susan, Barbara and Ian attack the tribe, knocking Kal off the Doctor. When Kal returns to the cave to "discover" the dead elder, he says it must have been Za who killed her. Za picks up a big stone, while Barbara turns her head away, knowing what Za intends to do will be too gruesome to watch. This time, the four travellers make it back inside the TARDIS; the Doctor only just makes it in before the tribesmen catch up with them. The Doctor picks up a small stone intending to get Za to draw their way back to the TARDIS, but Ian, still hostile to the Doctor, stops him, inferring some sinister intention to the Doctor's act. Za smashes the stone on Kal's head with a skull-crushing blow, killing Kal and confirming his leadership; the Doctor is visibly disturbed by this barbaric action. The TARDIS dematerialises as the tribesmen throw spears at the craft, leaving them staring in amazement. They confront the old man, who brusquely shuts the door and refuses to acknowledge that anyone is inside.
The Doctor is elsewhere, checking the environment for radioactivity, when the caveman who was watching the TARDIS sneaks up on him and attacks him. Before he kills her, Za gets in the way and says the four must be taken to the Cave of Skulls and sacrificed as a gift to Orb.
This prompts Ian to build a makeshift stretcher to carry Za back to the TARDIS to heal him there. Horg tries to take Hur from Za, but Za insists that with the Doctor's sacrifice, Orb will return and fire will return also. Her efforts hit a dead end when the company replied informing her that none of their machines could make such a noise (see screenshot above).Another recording of the sound was captured in Kiev, Ukraine in August 2011. They are astounded to find themselves in a much larger space, with futuristic electronic panels and a central hexagonal control console.

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