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PTC Comment: We encourage everyone to please use not just the weight chart that is on our site but the sizing chart as well.
We also strongly recommend that when you receive your orders, that you should try one of the training pants on the child (preferably with some type of underpants on between them and the training pants) to make sure that they fit correctly before washing them. PTC COMMENT: Along with the weight chart, we offer our parents and grandparents a sizing chart to help assist them in making their decision on sizes a little easier. The only training pants in large sizes that do the job!!
Until then, my daughter woke up screaming and uncomfortable with her bed, and pjs (tops and bottoms) all wet. I did get tired of changing bedding and clothes at 1:30 in the morning so I'm glad I discovered the doubling up solution. I ordered the size medium, but the legs are a little big, I can easily put a finger space in the leg. I bought them for daycare to train her because she doesn't like the diapers and they won't let her just wear panties. We would also like to clarify and assist further customers trying to choose what size to wear. While we are aware that many of our customers go by the weigh next to the size, we highly recomend the use of our Size Chart for each of our different style training pants . We added weight due to a high demand but quickly found it to be misleading as children wear their weight in different areas of the body.
Some have thin legs but a muscular torso and vice versa, thus affecting the fit of the pants on the child. While this item can be used for night time training for younger children, we do not recomend them for older children since they have larger bladders, and these are not diapers that can hold multiple wettings. We do carry a product specifically designed for night time training and full bladder releases. The Night Time Training pant is specifically designed to move with the child as they sleep and hold more elimination for when a child is less like to notice that they are wet. An Truly Excellent Product !!!
I did that for two weeks and had to give up because the weather was getting cold and we could not go outside like that. The disposable pull-ups keeps her too dry so she totally lacks incentive to pee in the potty. Also, due to constipation and based on the pediatric gastroenterologist suggestions, my daughter needs to drink about 60 ounces of water everyday.
The fact that your Potty Training Pants can contain so much urine says a lot about the quality of the pants. NOTE by PTC: You can return UNOPENED packages of underwear - for sanitary reasons - you cannot returned opened packages of underwear.
Our son was adopted and from the first time we got him he was delayed and he started school having not been potty trained well the school told us he would have to be potty trained or he would have to wait the following year to go to school, well we were desperate someone told us to try potty Scotty underwear yes little expensive for underwear especially on tight pay check to paycheck budget, but we did it and within 2 weeks he was potty broken THANK YOU. Comment: She is correct in saying, that she had to pay for shipping to send us back the items to exchange. At this time we are only aware of this product failing due to incorrect size, unintended usage (using like a diaper), miss handling during laundering, and the very rare defective pant.
The intent of training pants is to absorb the elimination and still allow the child to feel uncomfortable due to being in their elimination. We tried them on and they fit well around his legs, but they are puffy and the padding does bunch in the front and back. As for the pants themselves: The 2 layers are integrated, so why do they have to be so puffy???
While we are aware that many of our customers go by the weigh next to the size, we highly recomend the use of our Size Chart for each of our different style training pants. They only issue I have with these is that they are baggy and he does not seem to notice he wets his pants when compared to the Potty Scotty padded training pants.
These are specially made to hold multiple urination's, where the 2 in 1 training pants are made for accidents during the day.
It may not be the cutest or girliest gift, but I know she'll appreciate these panties for years to come. very nice! I decided to try these because she was growing out of the largest size of pull-ups and the goodnights were the next option. I will buy these in the next size if she still isn't ready to stay dry in the night! SO FAR SO GOOD (Feb 22, 2011) Reviewer: Kristy Walker SO FAR THEY HAVE NOT MADE A MESS!
The toddler underpants didn't contain anything and just freaks her out every time there is a puddle around her feet.
They are bulkier than regular underpants but they haven't hindered my toddler's movements or affected how he wears his shorts or pants. We do however address any concerns that are brought to our attention. Don't Understand (Mar 16, 2010) Reviewer: Vedra Why wouldn't these underpants replace pampers or pull ups??? They are also not intended to protect the childs skin from moisture, as that is counter productive to potty training.
I was just afraid they would be too small and I'm still not sure if the legs would be too tight in the smaller size. They haven't leaked and my daughter wants them off right away so I know they're not too comfy.

Thanks to the inventor !!! Not really waterproof (Jan 06, 2010) Reviewer: JT Don't be fooled, these are not truly 100% waterproof.
The first time I put them on she wet them, saw that they made her feel wet and has been dry ever since. I have since read that I should have gone by the size chart & not weight alone so I would advise ppl not to make the same mistake I made. The purpose is to replace either with the underpants so the child will not depend on the pamper or pull up. Toilet training is one of the biggest and most important achievements for both toddlers and their parents for several reasons. Perfect combo of thick lining so not to leak, but still allows the kiddo to know what just went down. If your child pees only a little, then it will probably be waterproof, but much more and they are not.
It marks the ending of the baby years and brings new freedom to the family because there is now something the child can do for itself without assistance, besides hold a bottle.
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I also purchased the waterproof pull on pants to put over them so her bed does not get wet. He can wear the, but there is A LOT of room in the seat kind of billowing and the leg holes are a little gaping or just barely fitting. They do seem to hold in moisture when he has an accident, but if he pees a lot they will leak.
After reading what everyone said about them running large, I got the smaller of the two sizes that I was debating between. I know they are suppose to be loose so he can pull them up and down easy but they are a little to loose. They are perfect for the accident phase of potty training and especially when you are out and about with your toddler. I put plastic pants over top of these on my daughter at night so that during the night I only have to change her underwear and not the bedsheets. I myself, have even had occasions when the Huggies diapers that I would use on my children would leak.
That said, I'm happy to use these with the plastic pants because it saves me money instead of buying disposable pull-ups.
I got him a small (up to 40 lbs.) in the nighttime and large in both the 2-in-1 and regular Potty Scotty pants. It was no fault of the items, just the change in the eating and drinking habits of my children. Preventing frequent clothing changes while giving the child liberty from diapers means using the best potty training pants.
However, I ordered the size my son should wear according to the sizing chart and weight, but they were tight all around, especially around the waist.
Other than that I think these are wonderful for overnight accident protection! Way too big!
Read on to learn how to chooseA or search more tips here.Are Gender Specific Training Pants the Best?Most disposable training pants come gender specific, but this isna€™t always the case when it comes to pants made of cloth or plastic. These new and improved 2 in 1 Training Pants are not only a superior product - but an incredible value!Details on the training pants includeThe outer layer is Waterproof PUL fabric. During the remainder of the day she wears regular underwear, we have had success with this concept because she cannot rely on training pants all the time or she won't budge in potty training. I do have a front load washing machine, which really spins the water out of the clothes so they are dryer than the conventional washers.
If therea€™s anything about these pants that specify the gender theya€™re for, ita€™s usually the color alone.Besides style, the only other benefit to gender specific disposable training pants is the location of maximum absorbency. The underwear looked like it could fit a 6 year old, so I'm trying to get the company to send me the info to send them back.
For the sizing problems I just went with the measurements and did not worry with the weight on the size chart and they fit her good. They are too much like a diaper (especially for a child with sensory problems) and pull too much moisture away so she never responded to any discomfort or wanted her pull up changed. He was doing well with pull-ups, but needed to feel the wetness that the cotton allows so he remembers to go all the time, not just when it is convenient for him.
I don't even think my son needs them anymore, he's been doing great with potty training now! They worry that the soft material will allow leaks when the child doesna€™t make it to the toilet on time. These training pants are awesome because they are comfortable , look and feel like big girl panties and they hold in an incredible amount of liquid (which can be quite a bit on a six year old)Potty training her has always been a struggle since at school and daycare they wouldn't allow her to wear anything but a pull-up in case she had an accident it would be too much trouble to clean up. They fit really tight, my child only weighs 25lbs and will probably only be able to use them for a month.
Having to clean up the mess that could result can wreak havoc on a busy schedule.One of the benefits of using cloth is that the toddler can feel when theya€™re wet.

These training pants are so good that her teachers will even let her wear them to school, giving them the opportunity to help potty train her and she the opportunity to be more like her peers and not have to wear a pull-up to school. They actually fit fine, it is just a strange fit with it being puffy all around and a snug waist.
They are a great fit, undetectable under clothes, and easy to pull on and off (even for my daughter who has fine motor problems.) These are amazing. Those who value this benefit over concerns of leaks often choose to use a waterproof covering over cloth training pants in order to limit the mess made.There are even more benefits of using cloth training pants, such as the eco-friendliness.
GREAT purchase! Great pants for night-time (Mar 01, 2012) Reviewer: Jane Hogue I ordered these pants for my son and went with the other mom's suggestions of going with the smaller size. Many parents using cloth on their toddlers have no more trouble cleaning their child up after an accident than those who use disposables. Our son does get wet, his clothes, too, but it doesn't go all over the floor as we found with regular underwear. That is, if they make the right pick when shopping for training pants.While there are some challenges experienced by those who opt for cloth, therea€™s a compromise between disposable and cloth where ita€™s not even necessary to use plastic potty training pants over the cloth. These were the closest to regular underwear, but still have some padding to absorb those accidents.
These 2-in-1 cloth and waterproof pants protect from leaks and allow the sensation of wetness.How to Buy Waterproof Cloth Training PantsParents that like the idea of protecting the environment and saving money on an effective transitional underwear quickly turn to cotton-lined waterproof potty training pants. Inner layer is 100% cotton that is soft against a toddler's skin but will feel uncomfortable when wet, so it will encourage your toddler to keep his pants dry!
My granddaughter feels when she wets and everything stays in! Nice (Dec 13, 2012) Reviewer: Melvin I love the quality of this product!!!
When the pants are too large they simply dona€™t provide adequate leak protection.Absorbency is another important factor, but it doesna€™t end there.
Parents dona€™t want to clean up after a big accident but they also want the transitional underwear to be soft and feel more like real underwear. She only weighs 36lbs, but after reading everyone reviews I'm glad I did.YOU HAD TO GET THESE FOR POTTY TRAINING THEY ARE A MUST HAVE! Moreover, the pants must be easy to change and easy for the child to pull up and down on their own.
This is my 3rd child and I wish I knew about these with the other 2. Wished they worked! Maybe thata€™s a tall order, but there are some training pants out there that meet the criteria.Why Scotty Potty and Patty Potty Training Pants are Highly RecommendedThe smaller sizes available are just one of the benefits of Potty Patty and Potty Scotty training pants, making them the only pick for some parents.
They offer both cloth and cloth over waterproof 2 in 1 toddler underwear in a very wide range of sizes.Potty Scotty and Potty Patty training pants are gender specific. Both come with a super-absorbent core that keeps leaks at bay while still allowing the child to sense the wetness.An additional benefit is that these underwear have an outer waterproof layer thata€™s very soft, making them feel more like real underwear to the touch.
Most toddlers wona€™t have any trouble pulling the pants on and off, allowing them to be more independent, which is essential as they learn to go to the bathroom on their own.Parents also like the fact that these trainers withstand heavy use. The pants stay in good condition through several washes and many have found they can save the set they purchased for one child to train their younger siblings. This helps save a great deal of money.Choose the Supplies That Make Achieving the Goal EasierToilet training is a learning experience for both new parents and their children. I also got a pair of the regular training pants, same size and they are even bigger than the waterproof pants.
So, I looked into these to save some money but it turns out they're one of the best things I could have ever bought and I wish I would have bought them sooner! I personally think disposable training pants are too close to diapers so I was looking for a waterproof panty for my then 16 month old daughter. The pants must prevent messes and make changing easier while granting the child the freedom to pull their underwear up and down on their own and experience what wearing real underwear feels like.
We have been dabbling in potty training and now that she's almost 2 it's time to get serious and these are perfect!
Well the three nights after that no accidents, I really think since they don't "stay dry" he wanted to make it to the potty.
There are very few training pants on the market that can satisfy all of these needs, but those that do help make training a positive experience.Home page Tweet Pin It Related Posts Dealing with Your Pediatrician When Child Feels Stupid for Bedwetting When Child Feels Insecure About The Author Susan NipaGoogle+One Response Geneva May 20, 2014 Very good article.
They feel like real panties but if she doesn't make it to the potty then it catches the accident, leak free! He will go potty most of the times when asked, so I will continue to use them and watch them closely. Every time we went to pull his pants down his little booty was hanging out the back of them.

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