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I know that he sometimes likes to nurse as often as every hour, but can sometimes go a full 2 hours without nursing, or a little longer if he takes a long nap.  So I use the app to predict when I think he might next get hungry, so I don’t put us in a position where it will be hard to nurse.
This has also been really helpful in allowing me to get away for an hour or two at a time and leave him with a breastmilkless caregiver (Analytical Baby refuses bottles), because I can look back at patterns and know that chances are good he will not need to nurse in that time.  I would never have had the confidence to leave him and teach yoga without this. I would never remember what side I last nursed on without the app.  In fact, not only do I know what side I last nursed on, I know the total time on each side that day, so I can favor one breast or the other to bring us back in balance. I try to help Analytical Baby sleep for at least 45 minutes at a time, even if it means sitting in a running car after an errand, and timing his sleep helps me keep track.  I also know that if his naps have not been long enough, I need to step up my game for his next nap, pulling out the big guns like white noise and the swing.
I quit tracking sleep around 7 or 8 months when he slept through the night consistently and had an easy to follow nap routine of one nap midday.
I meant I expected weaning to be a leaky mess, but it wasn’t because it was so gradual.

Eventually I quit tracking poop as long as I know he pooped at least once that day, I was ok. It was both hard and neat to watch my milk supply gradually go down, and it made weaning very easy when I expected it to be very hard. Pooping helps get rid of toxins, and fiber is your best friend when it comes to number two. I never even needed the fancy leak-proof breast pads I bought when I expected nursing to be an embarrassing leaky mess, because I never leaked.
Fruits, veggies, beans, supplements, whatever it takes to get everything out of your system. I think tracking really helped me get to know his cues and rhythms in the beginning, but I am so glad to not be obsessing over every detail anymore.

I, like you, would hate gaps in the info, but I know i would ALWAYS forget to enter things so I just don’t bother. I do kind of miss having a concrete record of where all my time goes, but mostly I feel a sense of freedom.

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