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Type in the required information and we will send the invitation to see this daycare listing to your friend. Summary of reviews and ratings of Wee WatchThe reviews and comments are community contributed content and are not based on investigative or verified data. Each submission will be entered into a draw at the end of the year for a gift certificate valued at $50. Are you a small business owner who would like to have your business featured in our Featured Busines Section. Register to receive Moms of Mississauga newsletter & updates via email and your name will be entered to win prizes. Please note: If you do not have access to a computer and would like to receive a printed copy a newsletter can be mailed to you. My connecting with the Mom with a 4 year son who has autism and then a week later chatting with another women on the phone who informed me of her 18 month old being diagnosed with autism was not a coincidence. Below I have listed a few websites and resources that can provide you with more information on autism. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is a group of serious developmental problems caused by a problem in the brain of a young child. Signs of Autism in a social setting can be: a child showing little or no acknowledgment to their name being called, not wanting to make eye contact, not hearing you at times, not wanting to cuddle or be held (or only wanting to when they feel like it), no consideration of other's feelings, affinity for solitude, and difficulty in expressing their feelings.
Language: Starts talking later than other children, loses previously acquired ability to say words or sentences, does not make eye contact when making requests, speaks in an abnormal tone or rhythm, can't start a conversation or keep one going, may repeat words or phrases verbatim, but doesn't understand how to use them, has trouble expressing their needs.
Behavior: repeat actions over and over again, such as rocking, spinning or hand-flapping, develops specific routines or rituals, becomes disturbed at the slightest change in routines or rituals, moves constantly. Obviously, keeping your eaves and spouts free from leaves, sticks and other debris will help prevent clogging and keep them from sagging or coming apart from the roof. We don't often consider the fact that our eaves troughs and downspouts really do protect our home from damage. Using the services of a Window and EAVES cleaning company is not out of the reach of most budgets and it will prevent any possible accidents.
Depending on how many trees you have around your home you may need to do this once in the spring and once again in the late fall in order to keep things flowing freely. EF Education First will pay families to be host families to foreign students attending English and tours Monday— Friday from July to mid August 2009. ORDER A MOMENTOTES FOR YOUR MOM OR MOTHER-IN-LAW BEFORE APRIL 10TH AND RECEIVE 20% OFF YOUR FAVOURITE BAG. LE LECHE LEAGUE CANADA - (Mississauga Group) La Leche League Canada provides unique mother-to-mother breastfeeding support.
MOMS TIME OUT - Clarkson & Meadowvale - A chance to get out of the house and meet other moms in the area. MOTHERS OF PRESCHOOLERS - Be a part of this dynamic group of caring women as we help to uplift and support each other into becoming the best Moms we can be!
ADJUSTMENTS AFTER BIRTH PROGRAM -  a service offered by the Mississauga Parent Child Resource Centres and supported by Peel Health can provide you with support and services to help you find your way.
POSTPARTUM PEER SUPPORT GROUP - OEYC Mississauga East offers a free support group for Moms.
THE DAM YOUTH DROP-IN - a local charity in Meadowvale Mississauga operating since 1995 supporting at-risk youth 13 to 19yrs as well as our Affinity programs for pregnant teens and young moms and their children.

VITA CENTRE FOR PREGNANT AND PARENTING YOUTH Are you a young mom between the ages of 15 - 30 years looking to learn life skills.
PARENTING & FAMILY LITERACY CENTRES A free government program for families with young children from infant up to six years of age. Alpha's Discovery Club is holding its 2nd Annual  Easter Egg Hunt with the popular Dora character.
This is a great opportunity for you to find out all about the many services offered in the Prince Edward Montessori building! Sing will have free Kindermusik demonstrations going on frequently throughout the 3 day event.
Looking for QUALITY baby and children’s items at BARGAIN prices?  Look no further!!
Register for this fun filled informative event and have several chances to win exciting door prizes. WE'RE LOOKING FORE MOMS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN GETTING TOGETHER ONCE A MONTH FOR A VISIT AT A RETIREMENT HOME WITH YOUR WEE ONES. Meet other mothers in a comfortable facility where you can do Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Snacks, Games and Songs with your children.
Shop great bargains on kids new or gently used brand name clothes, toys, games and much more.
If you're looking for specific information and you're having difficulty finding it or you don't have the time, feel free to email us.
While an ASD diagnosis can be made by the age of two to three years, these conditions are life-long and have a significant impact on families. If you suspect that your child may have autism contact your Doctor or check out ErinOakKids which is an organization that offers several programs and resources such as early identification clinics, autism intervention services and school support programs for autism spectrum disorders. ASD appears usually before the age of 3 and lasts throughout a person's life, early recognition and treatment will positively change the severity of the disorder. A child with Autism can have social interaction problems, as well as problems with language and behavior. They also may be fascinated by parts of an object, such as the spinning wheels of a toy car, may be unusually sensitive to light, sound and touch and yet oblivious to pain, not pointing at objects of interest (point at an airplane flying over).
They aid in preventing water from pouring off of your roof and getting into your foundation and eventually into your home. Bring some additonal joy into the lives of our older generation, some of who don't have any grandchildren of their own or don't have the opportunity to see their grandchildren that often. They shared their story with me about how they learned about this condition and where they were directed for help. If so, please contact your local food banks, they are there to help you in times of need. Our GROWING AS PARENTS PROGRAM will provide you with the opportunity to build likfe skills and personal development.

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