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Just had my gender scan at 16weeks +1 but the lines are not straight between the legs like every other potty shot scan I've looked at. CUSTOM SWAYERS if your coaching thread is more than 50 pages long please start a new post with a link to the old one (so I can still reference it easily) thank you!

After you register, the forum will send you an automated email for you to confirm your email address. In order to view posts or create a new post in a private forum, you must become a Dream Member. I was told girl because there are 3 white lines but it's not in the same place as all the other potty shots I've seen. There are infinite different possible angles that the probe can be on and the baby in relation to that.
My potty shot was almost identical to yours at 13+6 and know I truly believe I am having a GIRL!!

So I would definitely not be going by just the ultrasound pic, but like I said I wouldn't worry if you got the dna test.

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